I’esha GaptoothDiva talks with young Author and Activist Kiara Lee on her fantastic children’s book Light-skinned, Dark-skinned, or In Between, teaching young children about the importance of acceptance and self-acceptance within ethnic cultures based on shade of skin. An issue that I’ve dealt with as a child, I learn that colorism works both ways. Kiara talks about the origin of such bigotry and how the community can raise awareness and fight back by educating themselves on the subject and promoting self-esteem at an early age. Check out her site www.theblackertheberry.org

Kiara Lee Featured on GaptoothDiva TV

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  1. This was truly refreshing. I saw that you linked to my blog in the related articles section. I’ve been doing a series on skin color bias (colorism), mainly encouraging people to talk about it, not sweep it under the rug, be honest, and stop it. So this was really encouraging. I’m glad to see such beautiful and brilliant young women speaking out.


    Sarah L. Webb


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