Although the weather got extremely chilly, at least for my taste, we still decided on checking out 2nd Street Festival Saturday. I personally feel like the festival on 2nd Street in Richmond, Virginia is the place to be when you want to run into old friends, family, and co-workers; however, we were there to capture the essence of Richmond’s street style. The groups of clustered style mavens coordinating ensembles just in case they’re spotted by anyone, is too much to miss and wait to attend on Sunday. Besides, we had another event on Sunday, so Saturday just had to do.

Talk about crowded; this event was swamped with people of all ages and backgrounds trying to take part in one of the biggest events in the city. No matter what time of day, we saw people decked out in their freshest, some with babies in tow, trying to get some food, listen to good music, and catch up with old friends. It’s like the whole city’s family reunion, and you are missing out if you don’t attend. Of course getting parking close enough to second street is enough to make you want to turn around and go home, but this year seemed more organized then ever. I also give applause to the fact that there was no drama or craziness to speak of. I may be wrong, but this year the vibe was all positive and I loved it.

Here are pictures of people that really stood out to me. These may not be everyone’s fashion choices, because we promote individual style but confidence also plays a huge part here. These pics are of people who looked confident and stylish all in one breath. I also got pics of the classic cars that I so adored as well. Check it out and enjoy…

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Everything was perfect, more than what we needed. I truly love this city!

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Check out last year’s review, nothing compared to this one but still cool… especially since we went on a Sunday last year to avoid the crowd. Tip: Sometimes a crowd is good. lol 🙂

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