It’s true everyone in this industry wants to be famous. Anyone telling you they don’t want to be famous is lying either to you or to himself or herself. Fame brings more opportunities, more money, and more attention. Who in the world is making music, writing, modeling, acting, or whatever and not seeking those things. Exactly!

However, more and more I see people taking the time to research what other’s are doing and taking the plunge to do it themselves. When asked about why they are doing this, their answers are trite, revealing no evidence of any pre-disposed ideas or aspirations. They simply sound like followers. Now, I interview people all the time (most of the time asking the same questions) and I somehow don’t get the impression that many of the people I talk to know why they are pursuing a dream that, so many have tried and failed at. When asked what inspires you, it’s always someone who is doing what they want to do, but that someone is famous. Seriously, are they really trying to reach another person’s goal?

I'esha GaptoothDivaGaptoothDiva started because I started to believe in myself more. I discovered what it meant to feel as if I possessed nothing worth sharing, and turning it around and discovering my own God-given talents. After almost losing my life, I realized that I rather live doing what brings me happiness and gives me purpose, rather than what I was expected to do. In turn, I wanted to inspire other people to do the same. Do what makes you happy; what you’re good at, what you would do free if money were no factor. That’s living. However, so many people look at another person’s success and think, “I should do that, too!” Alternatively, if this person is gaining attention from it, then maybe I should do what they are doing. It’s sad… and pathetic, but the reality is they were inspired. If they were asked why they decided to go down this road and become whatever dream they are embarking on, they can only mention the basics, or the people who statuses they admire, or the perks to doing they’re job. No key indications that this is a heart felt journey that they take very seriously, no sign that this was their dream.

If you lack a valid purpose for your dream, is it really worth achieving? Maybe you like the idea of how Artist use words and beats to convey a point; maybe you enjoy their stage presence and their brand. However, you skills don’t equate to a successful artist by today’s standards. Have you considered being a Spoken Word Artist? On the other hand, maybe you should be a Ghost Writer. Considering an alternative doesn’t mean you failed, it just means that you are going after your goal with a different approach. If the work involved makes you cringe, and you are constantly making up for loss time, following behind other people, watching what everyone else is saying, thinking, and doing with your work, and lacking constant inspiration because this wasn’t the original plan, you really need to sit down and evaluate what you REALLY want.

I’ve inspired many people in the past year, a fact that I’m truly proud of. I’ve even inspired many people to inspire others, which is great as well. However, I’m honest enough to say, I see the difference between a copycat and an inspiration. With an inspiration, you make it your own, you take a small piece of something and you remix it to reflect who you are and what you are about. A copycat just watches everything you do and attempts to do it the same way, not realizing that everyone is an individual and although you may have a similar concept and approach, no one can really do anything exactly like another.

When is the last time you asked yourself, what was are the real reasons why you are doing what you do? Is it truthfully because of all the unpopular answers that in reality would make you look bad, is it because you just want to be rich and famous, or did you see someone else do it and you think you could do better? There is no wrong answer, and you don’t have to share. Nevertheless, if you seriously think about it, you may be able to discover why you are here and not “there” already.

They say in church all the time, God knows your heart. How many of us take that beyond the pews and into everyday life. If your intentions are less that admirable, maybe this is why we aren’t successful, popular, or rich. People blame their haters all the time, but often is it the haters that see past the façade and can detect a swagger hacker trying to make a name for themselves? You can get mad at them, but not all of them “hate” for no reason.

Your purpose sets you apart. Your mission makes you different from the crowd. I recently noticed a severe infestation of artist and promoters over the years. I say infestation because a lot of them are rats, feeding off the hard work and money of the masses just trying to be popular and semi-relevant. I still ask the same question, “Why?” Their answers are limited to my homeboy asked me to do it; to I liked it the first time I did it. Which is fine, because we push people to do what they like, but to call it a career? I’m not sure many of them fit the bill. Mareesa Dawn taught a class recently about your “Why”, and she said if it doesn’t evoke emotion, move you and others, then it is not worth pursuing. I couldn’t agree more. What is your purpose? What should your fans, friends, followers, and customers say when they hear your name and you’re not in the room? How should your name and presence make people feel?

When you discover the answer, let me know… I want to interview those kinds of people.

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