I love to share what the talented people around me are doing to make their dreams and passions come true. Everything isn’t for everyone, but the overall message is the same. To get what you want out of life, you have to get up and go get it. Some of us work harder than others, and some of us know more than most. But the truth is, if you’re not sharing what you know instead of just saying you don’t like something, then you are just as much of a failure as the ones you judge. Check out these videos, network with these people, and share your love, support, or knowledge. This is the Baddest Creative Motivation!

N.B.H – S.W.I.S Promo

Something giving much do respect to the ladies. I know I’m a Super Woman in Stilettos, for sure.

Jus Pimp – “Tell It Like It Is” (Music Video)

Ni**az ain’t making money like they say they do, Nor are they really gangsta (gangster), lol. I like this.

The Kidd Juice – Ballistic (Official Music Video) (Explicit) HQ

Does anybody else get a strong Slim Shady feel from this dude? I’m serious. He could really do something. It’s gritty and homemade but the creativity is there.

Rome Montana – Asthma (Official Video)


It’s a freaking Fluke how I found this dude. But I glad I did. I like homie, skills and all. Wish he would’ve been angry on this joint, though. That’s how I really feel the lyrical skill level. Kinda getting a Taylor Gang vibe, too.

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