Sally Marks Erase-Negativity featured on GaptoothDiva RadioAt GaptoothDiva, we are always trying to promote embracing the positive in life and letting go of the past and the negative. It’s always easier said than done, but that’s why we bring professionals on the air…. Duh! Who wants to be a grouch? Doctors, scientists and spiritual leaders agree that those who live an optimistic life are happier and healthier. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Not everyone can instantly switch their attitude to a happier mindset. It is a habit that must be shaped, learned and practiced.

A practical guide on how to reduce negativity and embrace happiness. From Meth addicts to multi-millionaires, the book offers powerful experiences of individuals who have faced dramatic challenges, but did not lose hope. Using these compelling biographies, as well as practical advice and simple exercises, the reader is guided on an internal journey toward adopting a more joyful way to live.

Tonight we interview Sally Marks, a woman who has always been fascinated with optimism and one of the authors of Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within. This award winning journalist will discuss ways that we can make our lives better by removing negativity and finding our own magic instilled in us.

Also, feel free to check out her blog, or her website

 Also Featuring Independent Artist Hero Haya

aka @HeroTheArtist 

I’m excited to feature this next person because when I first saw him at Have A Nice Day Cafe, he seemed to be drenched in an energy that screamed he wanted more. After reading his bio and listening to his music, I felt apart of his journey. It’s not everyday you meet someone who doesn’t pretend they are already where they want to be. I saw something, so hopefully what I felt and what we discuss tonight can make you feel the same.

Hero The Artist Featured on GaptoothDiva RadioRAP OR WALK…..That’s where it all started. Back in 2006 Hero’s friend B White was the only one of his friends who had a car and Hero had to rap to his instrumentals or he had to walk. They freestyled everywhere they went to pass the time on the road and soon after, Hero and his friends began writing songs. After a year or so, Hero’s skills caught the attention of ULITO and the CapaCity INT Family. He would spend the next 4 years of his life writing, performing, recording and growing with them until he decided to give up rap in March of 2011.

When Hero’s grandmother passed away in June of 2011 he was crushed. He had made her a promise long ago that they would always be friends and he had lost her. Realizing that life is short and that we must do what we can while we still have the time, Hero decided to pick the pen and pad back up as a solo artist. Aided by Steven YaBoi_Tiz Tisdol, He has put together his first musical project entitled JERCULES scheduled to drop 9-20-2011.

Recently, Hero performed for the first time at Have A Nice Day Cafe in Richmond VA. Many people were amazed at how well Hero performed for his first time and are eagerly awaiting the debut of his mixtape JERCULES.

Check him out at ….

Facebook: Artist Page –

Twitter: @HeroTheArtist


Youtube: HeroHayah

CALL IN LIVE (646) 378-0442


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