Tonight we are partying with a purpose at Richmond’s Southside Hickory Hill Community Center for the Let’s Pink event benefiting breast cancer. I’m totally excited because although there have been so many charity events in RVA dedicated to worthy causes, none of them seem to display such an artistic endeavor as this. Thanks to Sydney Harris for inviting us to such a remarkable opportunity for creative and like-minded people to come together for something bigger than ourselves.

Let's Pink Event featured on
Sydney Harris Pictured here Promoting Breast Health For Let's Pink

Sydney Harris provided a thorough explanation of the event and its purpose, “Lets Pink is an initiative to support Breast Cancer Awareness. The mission of Lets Pink is merge the vibrancy, and artistic minds of our youth and young adult generation, with the knowledge and life experience of our seasoned generation. It was created by me after being asked to participate in a Breast Cancer awareness Campaign by Andrew Morrison, whom is an amazing photographer out of Hampton, Virginia. When asked to be a part of this campaign I was excited, yet disappointed. I was disappointed that I had overlooked a health issue so important but excited that I could now make that positive change in becoming self-aware and in the process help, others do the same.

Lets Pink will be held at the Hickory Hill Community Center from 6-9 pm on November 4, 2011 and open to the public with an admissions fee of $10. Staying true to its artistic roots, the event will display various photos and paintings created by photographers and painters throughout the area. The images they choose to create are those that express the feelings and emotions they feel when they think of Breast Cancer, the importance of becoming aware, and the beauty of life. Each artist will be a vendor at the event and will display works from their personal collections outside of Breast Cancer Awareness. Alongside these amazing artists, there will be a variety of other vendors from health and fitness, beauty and fashion to comfort and warm.

Also staying true to making people aware of breast cancer and its life changing effects, there will be two speakers at the event. They will be able to speak about their journey in dealing with breast cancer and how it has affected them. These speakers will allow us all to experience firsthand how important breast cancer is and how we can be proactive against the disease. There will also be an information table set up so that people are able to take home brochures and pamphlets to read over and become even more knowledgeable. It will also contain information on how people can donate and/or get involved.

As the event continues there will be a presentation by SLAM, Richmond’s youth poet team. Our SLAM participants’ will be performing pieces created for this event in particular which will depict their feelings towards the disease and the beauty of life despite its challenges. There will also be raffles throughout the night, light music and light refreshments. We want people to mingle, learn and truly, walk away enlightened while having a great time. Who said learning couldn’t be enjoyable?

Lets Pink is dedicated to merging the generations and with your help we know it can be done. If you are considering being a sponsor and/or vendor at this event, there are several ways to get involved. Whether it be a donation, volunteering, attending and event or having an event of your own, it all makes a difference and is truly appreciated. So again thank you for joining us at the Lets Pink, an initiative to support Breast Cancer Awareness event November 4, 2011. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Let's Pink Event featured on GaptoothDiva.comA special credit goes out the photographer who conceived this project inspiring Ms. Harris to bring us all together. Andrew E. Morrison of Artistic Soul Photography currently works and resides in Hampton Virginia where he works diligently to improve his skills as a photographer while providing service to the surrounding community. Mr. Morrison jumped head first into the photography world during the spring of 2006 and has been going strong ever since. His passion for photography has led him to pursue various styles and venues of artistic expression and continues to push toward creating no and innovative photos. If you would like to contact Mr. Morrison, you can do so via email at or at (203) 530-1652.

“I have a deep love and respect for the women in my life and with the encouragement of some of my supporters I decided to use my photography skills to promote breast cancer awareness. With the belief that a person’s overall health is very important, this project has given me the opportunity to become knowledgeable to what breast cancer is and how I can make a difference, as well as inspire others to do the same. Our health is important and sometimes we only need support.”

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