It kills me when people turn their noses up at “thrifting” (best described as thrift store shopping). If you haven’t done this or haven’t considered it, you have no idea what you are missing. Basically, patrolling the thrift store for unique, creative fashion pieces for your wardrobe, to me is the single most therapeutic thing in the world besides alcohol and prescription drugs (did I just say that) I feel like every fashionista should try it at least once, because it truly test your patience and creativity when it comes to clothes and fashion. The idea is to not look like as if you actually shopped at a thrift store, and to be as fashion forward as you can on a limited budget. As you can see, I’m totally into this, therefore almost forgetting the topic of this review. LOL.

Diversity Thrift and the Gay Community Center of Richmond did it again with their fantastic Don’t Hate, Celebrate Fashion show. The turn out was even bigger this year as they paraded the runway with wonderful pieces styled with the clothes right out of the thrift store, giving me new hope in the thrifting sensation. The outfits were remarkable, eclectic, rocker chic at times, and some were to die for. You all know I’m a size accepting diva with curves, but some leather shorts walked past me on the runway that made me want to shed a few pounds so I could get into them. I was blown away.

Check out the video review here:


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