Lew Marklin featured on GaptoothDiva Radio

I was wondering if they were any media personalities out there who like me, wants people to see the positive in everything. Maybe they touch on the gossip a little, but it’s only to teach a valuable lesson, not trash anyone or their life. Well, I think I found that someone in Lewis Marklin Mash. Lewis Marklin Mash is a former host of weekly comedy sketch program, ADHDtv, and current host of Icon News.

Icon News is a news biography show featuring celebrity’s passions for humanity and the causes they are involved in. Lewis utilizes the modern gift of Skype and therefore is able to conduct interviews in the comfort of the celeb’s place of choice; be it home, studio or their favorite restaurant. Via this media, the celebrities are able to be themselves and with Lew’s sheer talent of making them at ease, they are able to open up and show their true personality.

Lew’s vision is to highlight celebrity’s passions while giving us a window into their day-to-day life and most importantly, inform us of their humanitarian efforts. Whatever their cause, Lew is able to get at the heart of their efforts. It’s a show with substance, compassion and an entertainment edge.

Icon News will be debuting this fall on Dish Network as well as other cable networks including Tuff TV, America One Network, select CBS stations in larger cities and some other networks soon to be named!

For more information on Mash go to www.atomiclawn.com




(646) 378-0442

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