Happy 4th Birthday A'veri Hornes
Happy 4th Birthday A'veri Hornes

The other day I was talking to a woman who works in retail. She has one hand, but is one of the hardest working people I ever met. Why I was desperately trying to muster up enough strength to not complain about how much my feet hurt, she was diligently throwing items in a bag, ringing up customers on the register, and putting clothes back where they belong. She was amazing!

I looked at her at thought about how many of us don’t see just how blessed we are. Here I am about to complain about how much my feet ache, and she is killing her retail job with one hand. How many of us could even live life at home with one hand. The things we take for granted, Smdh. I know that we don’t look at our blessings enough. We don’t think about the people who do love us, just the ones we want to love us. We don’t think about the clothes we have, just the clothes we want to have. I can’t remember a time when someone said, I’m broke but I feel great and have amazing health. We will find anything and everything to say we don’t have it, or not enough of it.

I’m blessed. I no longer care about getting the latest anything, I’m focused on my relationships with those that have proven they truly care about me, I’m making ends meet, I don’t have a stuffy nose or cough, I have both of my hands and feet, and a sound mind and body. If I didn’t tell you already, I’m blessed. I’m not looking at the next person and comparing myself to them. I don’t care how many followers you have or who said you were the best at what you do. It doesn’t matter to me how many people know you or what amount of change you have in your bank account. I’m blessed. I’m living my life with a purpose and a path, with no regard to measuring up to anyone else’s expectations. The woman with one hand has inspired me ever since I met her. She has a positive outlook on life that most of us only wish we had. I look at her and all that she is capable of doing and it makes me want to accomplish more. Like what is my excuse, really? Do you know embarrassing you would look if someone without one of their limbs can accomplish more than you in a day, then you’ve done in a month? Simply foolish, let me tell you!

Since today is Prince A’veri birthday. I will take this time out to spend with my son. I miss him and I feel that my work has taken me from him just a little bit. I can’t even describe how blessed I am. The love, the support, I have a life that some women make a fool out of themselves for, so why should I complain. It’s up to me to live it. It’s my duty to show my creator just how pleased I am with this gift of a sixth chance. I have a second chance at enjoying the splendor that is this journey. No I’m not living with a handicap or physical disability, but I shouldn’t allow any obstacles that I’ve projected onto myself be the reason why I don’t live. Thank you Nicole, for showing me that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Now I’ll find more amazement in the little things and appreciate every second that I’m here, never looking back and always keeping my blinders on.

Happy 4th Birthday A’veri… Mommy Loves You!

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