When I first got the inspiration to create GaptoothDiva and work towards my dreams, it was an unexpected occasion. I was so used to doing things a certain way and I never believed I would do so much in my life. I really don’t feel like I started living until I found my purpose, a fact that I’ve always shared with people I want to motivate. However, it may not come as “easily” to others as it did me. We get so accustomed to living out our daily routines, that we don’t even consider changing things and making your life more fulfilling. Listed below are some ideas I have about changing your life dynamic and feeling more happiness and accomplished in your life.

Who needs a Makeover? – So many beauty and fashion sites suggest that you purchase something to make yourself feel better after a rut. The truth is, new clothes and makeovers do boost your self-esteem. It doesn’t have to be brand new. I get off on thrifting and finding creative items that fit my style. I also like to make some things, which to me means so much more. It’s not about being materialistic at all. It’s about putting something on that compliments your style and makes you feel more positive about your external appearance, which will reflect internally. That’s a fact.

Do Your Research – It may sound like common sense, but you won’t believe how many people get an idea or thought and just run with it with no homework behind it. They don’t research other people doing what they are doing, mostly because everyone thinks they came up with that idea. They don’t reach out and ask for assistance, consultation, or training because they don’t want to invest in the time and energy to learn how to do what they want properly. It’s a waste to pursue your dream without first knowing what direction to go in. When you are trying to reach a goal, you need GPS to find your way to the next milestone. Who drives without knowing where they are going? Dumb ass people that’s who.

Build Relationships – Now that you decided what your goals are and how to do it, it’s time to network with like-minded people. Find people on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In who are doing what you are trying to do, know about resources you can use, and can introduce to people that will help you go further in your dream. Be honest and upfront, never pretend to be more experienced or more lucrative than you are. It’s important to show how valuable your skills are to the people you are networking with, but eventually the truth will show its ugly head. It’s always important to keep it real, so that you and your new networking partners can build and grow together.

Learn Always – No matter how great you are at what you do, you still have to constantly educate and train yourself on new and more interesting ways to be successful. I look at how an athlete has to practice, condition, and train. Look at your dream as an athletic competition that you must be on point for. Everyday should be about pushing yourself more and gaining new knowledge on your expertise. If you aren’t learning new ways to keep yourself relevant in business or to capture the attention of the potential fans, then you will be doomed to eventually fail. Some old school entrepreneurs and creative minds do the same things repeatedly for years, not ever realizing how technology and new ideas have passed them by. Their clientele slowly dwindles, because everyone is looking for new and fresh ideas. Wouldn’t you prefer the shiny new style that is innovative versus the old-fashioned creative who is stuck in his/her ways?

Be YourselfThe internet has made it easier to keep up with your favorite personalities and business minds. However, it’s not their intention for their fans to become their clones. You can’t adapt someone else’s style or craft and call it your own. You will never be that person, so just be you. It’s harder for some people to accept themselves as they are and work with what they got. We live in a world where “If only I had…” seems to make everything better. Consider your life and memories, your journey, and all that you had to overcome. How many times have you felt alone? Now think about someone on the other side of the world going through that exact same thing. Wouldn’t it be cool, if someone could relate to your story, by you grasping that your own style and story deserves a platform? Everyone is already taken; try playing the role you was born with.

Enjoy The Ride – When people start to recognize your name, it’s time to go even harder to keep it in their minds. Don’t just chill on publicity and ride it out. This is the time to amaze them more, time to shine and show what you are capable of. Embark on new opportunities, relinquish all your fears, and jump into your dreams. You met the right people, you developed the confidence, but now it’s time for you to make more opportunities for yourself using the work you already put in. While everyone is partying and bullsh**ting, it’s time for you to grind.

Do It for the Right Reasons – Your purpose is yours and yours alone. Your destiny and your journey are what define you as a person. If your overall goal is to be rich and famous, that attitude will reflect in your work. If your goal is to be a martyr or trailblazer, people will see that in your efforts. Discover what is motivating you to go hard in your dream. If your motive and intentions are not in the more positive of lights, be honest about that and re-evaluate your journey. Everyday in your quest, your reason should push you harder each day. Being an artist and creator, I’m constantly thinking about my true reason for doing what I do. If it doesn’t inspire or motivate, most likely I show little to no interest. Your “Why” should captivate you daily, giving you the fuel to keep going.

Although, it seems like everyone and their mother wants to start a business, write a book, create an album, etc. there is still room for your legacy. Just keep in mind why you want to do what you plan to do, have a plan of course, and stay around people that will support you and propel you. Everyday won’t be easy, sometimes you may feel like giving up, but your dreams die with you, your work can last forever. Don’t just talk about be it.

For more inspiration and motivation, follow me on twitter @GaptoothDiva

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