Today on GaptoothDiva radio we have something special for you. Not only is the team ready and prepared with a guest that will have you on the right path to get your money right. We also have some super inspiration for you up and coming artist. Tune in because you know we always have a crazy time on GaptoothDiva radio

Harris Glasser featured on GaptoothDiva RadioIT’S MY MONEY & I WANT IT!

The entire purpose of the book is to demonstrate exactly how you are already empowered to deal with the financial corporate bullies you run into daily.

Harris Glasser’s philosophy is to “Serve The People” by both educating and showing you exactly how you can defend yourself successfully against the abuses of corporate bullies in their attempt to take your money.

The book itself guides the reader with actual numbered steps to follow with true stories of those that followed it and got their desired results, The free monthly “Updates” give you actual ways to spend less on the things that you currently spend your money on and the result is holding onto more of your hard earned money.

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Also featuring Music by

North Carolina’s Q-Baby

Q-Baby featured on GaptoothDiva RadioBorn in Fayetteville, NC, Q Baby, a very diverse HipHop /Pop /Alternative Rock artist, started rapping at the age of 14. With influences like; Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z, Green Day, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, she was definitely destine to have her own distinct sound. After moving from the small town of Statesville, NC in 2004 on a basketball scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University, she started performing at talent shows and venues in order to horn her craft. Due to her non-stop dedication and total commitment, by the age of 19, she became an experienced performer in Baton Rouge, LA. In 2005, she excelled in her career after she started opening for well-known artists such as C-Loc, Kevin Gates, Gotty Boi Chris and Sissy Noby.

Victimized by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and unforeseen family matters, she later moved back to North Carolina. In March 2010, after being selected to open for Young Money’s recording artist, Nicki Minaj at Visions Nightclub in SC (which Nicki cancelled, and Q Baby being the professional that she is, performed anyway), it drastically changed her career. As a female rapper, it was that life changing professional event that unleashed her electric guitar thumping “Persona of a Rock Star” monster into the music industry who shell rock your soul forevermore.

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(646) 378-0442

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