I love to share what the talented people around me are doing to make their dreams and passions come true. Everything isn’t for everyone, but the overall message is the same. To get what you want out of life, you have to get up and go get it. Some of us work harder than others, and some of us know more than most. But the truth is, if you’re not sharing what you know instead of just saying you don’t like something, then you are just as much of a failure as the ones you judge. Check out these videos, network with these people, and share your love, support, or knowledge. This is the Baddest Creative Motivation!

Jo Casino (@TheRealJoCasino)

Hard Work

– The videos were created by, @NoNameNoBrain

Alternate Video


These videos speak to the grind of a lot of independent artist in RVA (Richmond, Virginia) and around the country. Artist taking the day to write rhymes and herbally elevate their minds, while their nights spent rocking stages at local night spots, trying to make a name for themselves. Most would criticize that it promotes something that people are not willing to admit publicly, but I just see a desire to make it. Hard work is a relatable track and Jo Casino is a talented artist for sure. Many comparisons come to mind based off this song, but to throw any obvious names out there would be trite. He is carving a lane out for himself w/ this project and @NoNameNoBrain did a great job on the video. My favorite part was watching the hours go by as he wrote and smokes more than half the day away. Lmao #goodtimes 🙂

Uzi – Electronic Flow

(Prod. by Pryme Productions) Official Video

This independent hip-hop artist from Miramar, Fl by the name of Uzi, has a lot of energy. the song definitely had me pop-lockin in my computer chair. I love any track that entices people to dance. However with all that said, where the chicks at? Dance music = Girls. Even I know, you have to have at least one girl in the video when you got a song and people dancing in it. Your homeboy did a great job dancing and shit, but c’mon… No females? Then I needed more scenes. Seeing three dudes getting hype in the dark, was only fun for the first minute, then it was like, that’s it? The concept was hot, but it’s like everyone decided they were too lazy to do other shots in other places. At the end they promoted the chick that cornrowed his hair, but I never saw his hair because his ass was in the dark!! Nice track but the video was seriously hurting me.

Suggestion: Do a alternate video like the artist above that includes some chicks, so we won’t give you the side-eye bruh, and tell the Director to add additional scenes. Other than that, you have a good song that I only want to hear, not see.


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The Baddest Creative Motivation!!


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