I love to share what the talented people around me are doing to make their dreams and passions come true. Everything isn’t for everyone, but the overall message is the same. To get what you want out of life, you have to get up and go get it. Some of us work harder than others, and some of us know more than most. But the truth is, if you’re not sharing what you know instead of just saying you don’t like something, then you are just as much of a failure as the ones you judge. Check out these videos, network with these people, and share your love, support, or knowledge. This is the Baddest Creative Motivation!

Cakes (@ItsCakess)

My Way (visual)

This young up and coming artist breezes through metaphors and ryhmes like…. it’s cake. Rapping about her plan to conquer the game and show the world that she is one of the best, yes we have all heard it before. However, her ambition is something to be motivated by and her baby dollface, makes me want to just pinch her cheeks. She is adorable! Grinding as hard or even harder than some of her male counterparts, she displays a talent and hunger for the hip-hop game that is inspiring and graceful. Although, I could care less about money making lyrics from Indie rappers on the school/work grind, her flow is contagious and her self-esteem is relateable. The opinions on her youtube video were lacking constructive criticism, she is a star in the making. However, let’s see her get really mad and spit a sixteen with some venom, that will truly tell us what some of you may secretly know. Do I smell a beast inside?


Hidden Traxx – Play Rewind
The Fire (Hiddden Traxx Compilation 2011)
Dir. O. Burton-Jones

I love anything that reminds me of my young days in Queens, chilling on staircases, wearing afro-centric attire, wanting to grow up and be just like Queen Latifah. LOL This video was pure spoken word and incense for me. Lyrics… on point. This video told a story that I bet most of us forgot. Can you believe that this was Norfolk!!?? I love it. I’ve been on a search for artist that remind me of the days when rap and hip-hop meant somthing to me. Where the words spoke of a life I was living, and not one that seemed like only 1% of us would see. Realistic and simplistic, thought provoking and stimulating… I’m running out of words to describe how much I love this song. I will definitely play and rewind this track. Great video also, so cinematic and 90’s looking, I love this!

This is not a music video, however every song needs a chance to be heard. Check out this music link from an independent artist/group…

The Big League – End of the Night

ft. Garnett Boldin


First of all let me just say, without a d*ck riding bone in my body, that whatever Garnett Boldin touches…. is fire! That dude has a voice that should have been on mainstream radio, on my television set, and in my damn ears a long time ago. He is as good and as soulful as a free meal at Croaker’s Spot, and that’s freakin delicious. Everytime I hear him perform or see him, I’m thrown into an R&B tailspin. I don’t even rock with R&B dudes like that, but people…. this one is different.

The Big League did their thing as well, bringing in refreshingly good bars to a song that I can see being catchy and playing all day in my house. I like it a lot. I especially enjoy that this song is not representative to a lifestyle that isn’t realistic for most of us. It’s real and I understand the grind. I’m telling you…. it’s good. Man, these guys are good! LOL. I know I sound shocked, and it’s because I really am (and that’s not a bad thing at all). They are talented.

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The Baddest Creative Motivation!!



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