youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

As always I appreciate getting music videos from Independent artist looking to share the work and get feedback. Since I’ve been away on hiatus, I received quite a few submissions, some overlooked, but most of them from some very creative and ambitious artist.

One particular person by the name of Jaesen K reached out to me, letting me know that he really wanted to get his name out there and was looking to put out a mixtape soon. Say whatever the hell you want, but I REALLY hope they do!!

I was seriously feeling this. They have gotten quite a few views on their video via YouTube, most by some haters who need to shut up and put out something worth talking about. However, they obviously got something. The people were bugging and seriously mad for whatever reason. They are different and that’s what I like about ’em. No one can be described as “Wack” to me, who has the balls to wear colorful harem pants, rap his heart out, and make me forget the obvious reason why people are mad, when I close my eyes (wink). Nice!

I bet if a mixtape did come out and they went super hard, they could be exactly where they want to be. If not, its great art that I can honestly say I appreciate. Keep it up!

Check it out for yourself…

Sons of Thndr – The Dreamer

 Director: BREE EL      Producer: GINYA BOY

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