It’s so great to trip with our guest on GaptoothDiva Radio, but it’s even better when we can trip and motivate at the same time. Our Interview with So !LLa, of So Proper Entertainment is no exception. A Non-typical artist immersed in a culture where typical is safer; he chooses not to worry about his artist counterparts or compete to be the best. I totally respect that and that inspired me more than anything did. Often times we feel the need to be the best at what we do, I have been guilty of this myself. However, when it is all said and done, nobody can DO me as I can. There is no one like you in the world, and as long as you are being yourself and true to what you believe in, then you don’t have to fear losing your spot in life. I was impressed with So !LLa and his way of thinking. You may not appreciate the music, different strokes for different folks. Nevertheless, you have to admit that his work ethic and his mantra is something that everyone should live by.

Be Yourself – and do it responsibly.

Also check out his video for Maybach Dreams (OFFICIAL VIDEO)…

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