Tuesday’s interview with Nikki D. Made me think about so many things. I thought about how so many people use their environment as an excuse. They want more out of life, want more out of their dreams, but they allow their family, their living situation, and their friends convince them into another direction. Nikki D. is probably from one of the most rural areas of Alabama, a place more country than any guest we ever had on our show. No one can legitimately say that they have made in the entertainment industry directly coming from Daleville, Alabama. However, through all that she is determined to get her music heard, and live her dream. It’s also inspiring to know that she wasn’t born into a family doing anything closely related to music. She is overcoming, she is pushing on and despite the obvious obstacles, and she still wants to do what she can.

I know that Nikki D. isn’t one of the most popular people doing music, and I know everyone isn’t too excited about Alabama or its independent music scene. My intention is for you to hear her story and be motivated. We have people to our left and right, who may be satisfied with what life, is throwing their way. Nevertheless, when you have dream or aspiration, it’s imperative for you to press on diligently and live your best life. I can’t stress enough how hard it is being surrounded by people who dreams don’t exceed earning that bi-weekly paycheck. How hard it is to be related to people who have given up on the hope that their adolescent ambitions can still be achieved because they’ve lost faith in themselves. However, when you rely on your own faith, nothing can deter you from what is rightfully yours.

This particular interview has some distorted audio, sorry about that. Even so, you can still hear it and be motivated by it. Thank you so much for your support.

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