“Pink and Zebra print, just a few of my diva addictions…”

– I’esha GaptoothDiva  

Godfrey's Pumps, Pearls, and Passion Event Featured on GaptoothDiva.com

I was asked to participate in this Ladies night event in support of the Fan Free Clinic and HIV prevention. I was so D.W.I (down wit it) and couldn’t wait to party with my “Cunt” Divas in the LGBT community. Hosted by Rae Berryman and Alvion Arnell Davenport, they brought in the fierce pink glamour, setting the tone of fashion for the evening. Ladies were asked to wear pink, pearls, and/or pumps. Although some hardheaded beauties mingled their way into the door, the atmosphere was still beautiful and eclectic.

Godfrey's Pumps, Pearls, and Passion Event Featured on GaptoothDiva.com
The Fab Host of the Evening Rae and Alvion Arnell Davenport
Godfrey's Pumps, Pearls, and Passion Event Featured on GaptoothDiva.com
The Judges of the “Cunt” Diva Contest

With a mix of diversity, gorgeous décor, and what appeared to be refreshing drinks (wink); I saw not one depressed face in the building. Everyone was enjoying himself or herself to the fullest. It was a nightlife event like no other, as performers reigned over the stage, captivating the audience and judges. There were even impromptu performances from such partygoers such as Sydney Ellese, who split her pants due to all the excitement. I laughed until my stomach hurt, and danced until my ankles swelled. It was beautiful.

Cunt used to be a term of offense, meaning a woman was a bitch or simply unpleasant. However, in the LGBT community, where the fabulous just can’t live life on the “half-empty”, the rules have changed. Now “Cunt” means you are fierce, working it, and doing your damn thing. Being glamorous and on top of your game were the rules of engagement for Sunday’s event at Godfrey’s. However based on the outcome of the “Cunt” contest, it wasn’t just about what you wore, but the attitude you brought to the table. The most gorgeous girl could have the crowd visually, but she needed to pull at their need to support a “bad chick” as well. Which is why, our winner was a truly unexpected surprise to us all, but entitled nonetheless for her fearless and bold demeanor. I was pleasantly in support of the audience decision, it takes courage to step up in front of everyone and show how proud you are in yourself.

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However, there were some salty “fish” in the building. Interestingly enough none of them volunteered to participate, nor qualified to stand on stage. It goes to show that with any amount of positive vibe in one place, there will always be one over-weight hater in a cardigan two sizes too small who lacks self-esteem. I allowed the comments to fall, hoping that the more motivated people outshined the nonsense, which was definitely the case. I went to each participant, even those who did not make the final round, to thank them for stepping up to plate. Being a “diva” isn’t about anything materialistic, and this event proved that cocky arrogance means nothing, when you have a room of people who support self-esteem.

Between the beautiful cupcake display and balloons, and the music that made everyone move, this event truly proved to be a success. Not only were they able to raise money for the Fan Free Clinic, but they were also able to provide Free HIV testing to over twenty individuals. That is so amazing. It is vital that people know their status and understand the importance of STD prevention, and this event was to ensure that the Fan Free Clinic could continue to make that possible in our community.

Overall, I had a great time. I was sober, but laughed so hard I forgot I had nothing to drink. I danced almost forgetting that my pregnant belly shaking might wake my unborn son up, and I looked fantastic doing it. It was a great night out for me. I sincerely enjoyed partying with a purpose.

For more information on how you can support the Fan Free Clinic, check out www.fanfreeclinic.org/

Also, if you are interested in enjoying a fabulous brunch on Sunday with LIVE performances or just want an amazing night out, check out Godfrey’s Restaurant and Nightclub at www.godfreysva.com/

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