Last week’s interview with Professional Producer and Engineer, Amzi Jackson of Untitled Music and Media, went exactly as I hoped. We not only got to listen to his craft, work worth being admired, but we also received his feedback on that state of independent music. I was impressed that he was able to express his thoughts without holding back. He was the epitome of a true professional, wanting nothing more but for his business to succeed and to leave a lasting and positive legacy that, his family could be proud of.

I now understand how hard it is to walk a path, in what seems like isolation. Amzi described how he does things differently, not really looking to his right and left worried about the intentions of his counterparts. His goal is to remain positive and only do things from the heart. If only more people could adopt those motives, I wouldn’t feel so much like a vigilante, trying to stop ignorance and crime on the internet. LOL. He made me feel as if, no matter what there would always have to be a balance. With positive intentions and actions, come some people who feel the opposite. It is not our responsibility to stop them or change them. It is our job, to get out our visions and ideas the way they were blessed to us. We should worry about nothing more than touching the lives we were meant to touch.

Speaking of being touched, I couldn’t help but mention the project that he worked so hard on with BlackRVA, Wake Up Everybody. This music video ignited my passion to stay positive and continue to walk down this path. Its people like Amzi, BlackRVA, and many others that let me know I’m not alone in wanting to see my community, my generation, and everyone do much better than we’ve ever imagine. That’s why giving up is not an option. We all can continue to be the Baddest Creative Motivation!

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