I'esha GaptoothDiva Deliver New Baby Boy, Dash Hornes July 2012*Due to the graphic nature of this video –

Parental Discretion Adviced*

Yes, I know it’s graphic. That’s what I wanted you to see. I consider this an entertaining way to say “Don’t Do It!” LOL

I’m just kidding.

I wanted to share the raw uncut blessing that was my son’s birth. It was a journey like no other, but at the end of it, my husband said those words that made me feel like I was superhuman. He said, “I’m so Proud of You!”

As a mother and a wife, we often think what we do is a given, it’s unnoticed and under appreciated. However, people see you. Even if they never say anything or ever give you a pat on the back, know that you are doing your thing. I almost died bringing my son into this world, a pregnancy struggle that I will never forget. Nevertheless, through every high and low of this experience, hearing my husband cheer me on and say I inspired him, made it seem like a piece of cake.

I’m so blessed.

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