GaptoothDiva Music Video Review
GaptoothDiva Music Video Review

Yes, I’m back with new music videos that no one is watching. Just kidding, but seriously. I’m sharing new videos from up and coming artist (Good & Bad) for your viewing entertainment. Now these artist may not be what you like, and that’s cool. Share your opinions on the videos directly or leave a comment below.

This Week in Tweets…


New Single by R-DOT (@rdot99) – “TWERK WERK” #TwerkWerk (Audio): via @youtube #SQUADHEAVY wat u think?

I’m not going to lie, “Twerk” songs are excellent soundtracks for our community of exotic dancers. Let say you don’t like exotic dancers, or you just don’t want people to know you do. “Twerk” music is also great for working out, cleaning up the house, or just (regular) dancing where no one can grind on you. I use this type of music for the latter examples, obviously because I’m not an exotic dancer (professional or free nightclub version). I actually really like this track. I wish there was a video that exemplified my idea of what this song would make you do. I imagine the video concept showcasing the true talents of pole dancers, making average girls jealous. It should commemorate the human body but not be too raunchy. I played this song during my run this weekend, just to see if it blended with my other motivating tracks on my playlist and it fit right in. Very high energy, which if you’re going to talk about me “twerking” anything, it better be. I can definitely hear this being played in the club, strip and otherwise. #Squadheavy

DJ SWAGGA d(-_-)b‏@Djswagga804

 Check out the promo video for Jackson City 2 … via @youtube

I didn’t check of Jackson City Pt. 1, and now I’m mad! This promo video for Jackson City 2 is so cool. I was trying to see the people’s faces through the special effects, but overall I’m so pleased at how this went down. The girl had me in the beginning singing Michael Jackson, it sounded so good. However, when he started mixing it and the guys started dancing, I was intrigued. I liked this a lot. I can’t wait to see more from them in the future.

The Big League‏@TheBigLeague804

#TBL #2BeyondStudio ***New Video*** from @BravoOfVa called “Harlot” >> << Shot by @804Tmac

OMFG!!!! This video was hot. The whole time I’m watching it, I’m wondering how is it going to end. Never did I expect that. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, but … damn! Anyway, excellent lyrics by @BravoofVA and great shooting by @804Tmac as well. Very talented dudes for sure. This video exuded the drama and reality that we crave from music videos nowadays. The video tells the story along with the song. A beautiful girl gets caught up and makes a mistake, but a mistake that she won’t EVER forget. I’m gone. This was amazing work, which no doubt showed they worked hard on this. I’m very impressed. I like the song and the visual, so I recommend you get up with these dudes soon.

MaRLeyMaRzTTF ︻╦╤─‏@MaRLeyMaRzTTF

“Dont Giva Fuck” Superstar Spitaz Feat. Backstreet Play: via @youtube

You can tell when somebody doesn’t “Give A F*ck” when they talk about how much of a killer they are in a white wicker chair. I’m just kidding… or am I? Seriously, this song is not wack, I just didn’t start to feel hype until the second dude started rapping. The first one might have been too high, because I felt lethargic listening to him rhyme. Like I said it wasn’t wack, I just didn’t believe him. The second dude flow had more energy, I thought his verse was more believable considering they all sat in this white wicker chair at some point. I’m going to need for these dudes to get off this game and get some girls in their videos. That is the second video where “Bad B*tches” were mentioned, but none were visible. Just a bunch of dudes in the house, smoking, drinking, and playing video games. I like when the “get money” dudes actually make their fans understand how they… wait for it…GET MONEY. I just can’t…

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