GaptoothDiva Reviews Modgyrl's New Lip Color Money BagsMelanie Wade is making big moves in the beauty world as of lately, I saw her featured at both of the most recent Artisan Café installments and she is adding new fun shades to her collection. This past weekend I had the pleasure of checking out her table display, which is always swarming with RVA beauties looking to add more color to their facial palette. Her cosmetics are now in high demand, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

GaptoothDiva Reviews Modgyrl's New Lip Color Money Bags

I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchased a new color from ModGyrl called “Money Bags”. This green shade is not for the faint of heart at all. If you aren’t interested in trying new things, making a statement, and being daring with your style, this isn’t for you. For those of you tastemakers out there, this shade may just scream your name.

I love bright color lippies, as I recently adopted a few new shades myself from various cosmetic names. However, I didn’t have a good green hue in my arsenal. End scene, in walks ModGyrl with “Money Bags”. It’s bright, green, smooth, and long lasting. I was seriously impressed immediately upon application; I saw a radiant shade of green appear against my chocolate skin tone. I really like it and because I don’t dress for the pleasure of other people, I know this shade will get a few comments here and there. I don’t care. This color is fun and exciting to me, feelings that you want to feel once I beat my face to perfection. I chose to keep the eye makeup simple to draw more focus on my lips and not overwhelm my face. The immediate reaction from the Hubs was, “Wow, Nice!” Maybe there is a different woman in the house with “Money Bags” on my lips. LOL

GaptoothDiva Reviews Modgyrl's New Lip Color Money Bags

I believe that with shades like this, you MUST have confidence. You can’t wear a shade like “Money Bags” half-heartedly. You have to own it! Melanie, owner of ModGyrl, has been seen wearing various colors from her line and she makes it work for her. Those that are displeased with anything outside of the common shades of red and pink just haven’t adopted the confidence it takes to pull something that unique and uncommon off. They rather stay safe. However, there is nothing safe about “Money Bags”. It’s awesome.

GaptoothDiva Reviews Modgyrl's New Lip Color Money Bags

I plan to wear this color with a few outfits in my closet, but I wanted to share my happiness about this recent purchase. Please make sure you check Melanie Wade out at for the latest in her line. She also has upgraded the look of her containers, which I think is cute. I might have to keep the container once the lipstick is used up, because it looks to glam to toss in the trash. She does everything in style, so make sure you support her.

ModGyrl Cosmetics LLC

Do you like unique and/or bright lip colors or do you keep it simple?

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