GaptoothDiva Music Video Review
GaptoothDiva Music Video Review

I’m still sharing new music videos for those interested in checking out new independent talent. I’m sharing new videos from up and coming artist (Good & Bad) for your viewing entertainment. Now you may love them or these artist may not be hot enough for you, and that’s cool. Share your opinions on the videos directly or leave a comment below.

This Week in Emails…

“Just wanted to let you know about my new track and video.Here you go :)”

 Jacob Czitrom  Köping, SE  Electronica / House

I just had to start with something totally out of the box. I have a new interest in house and electronica. I think it’s because the mix with hip-hop sometimes is so amazing. Well, I decided to share an artist from Sweden who has been sharing his music with me for quite a while. He is extremely talented and ambitious. Now they aren’t many lyrics to the song, but I’m sure that some of you can deal with that. The beat is fantastic and going against the visual of a ballerina, it really is imaginative.

Trayce – Back Again Official Music Video (Prod. By On1thousand) /
Back Again Produced by On1Thousand

You ever listened to the beginning of a song and just weren’t connecting with it. Like the beat, the lyrics, the video just didn’t get you at first. Then you immediately hear the chorus and start to jump on board. It’s like everything after the chorus made sense finally. Well, ok maybe not. However, that is what just happened to me. I
wasn’t rocking with it at first; it just didn’t catch me. Nevertheless, the
chorus plays, it’s catchy and I’m like… it’s cool. The tie on the t-shirt was very distracting. I love individuality, so if that is a symbol or trademark thing, go right ahead. I just think less is more, and the t-shirt was hot enough alone. Trayce looks like a fun dude to hang out with, spitting harder as the song goes on. I give it thumbs up

Jey Gibbs – Touch Yo Body
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For the Ladies that like R&B dudes, here is a very sensual track from an attractive man. Now, what can I say that won’t have ME sleeping on the couch? LOL. Jey Gibbs shows off his body, which shows that he works out and eats healthy. He is lying on a bed that looks comfortable for games like “horizontal twister”. He also sings about wanting to put his hands on a woman, but not in a Chad Johnson kind of way. …. Too early?  Anyway, the man made a panty dropper and sings it well. He provides a visual of what we would expect if we succumbed to his request and did a great job. Now there… I love my husband… I love my husband… I love my husband.

“ Hi Diva 🙂 Here is the official music video to Could This Be Love. Please watch this & share it with your friends & viewers 🙂 I’d really appreciate your support…. thank you”

Vassy – Could This Be Love

In an upbeat and bubbly tone, Vassy sings about positive love and admiration. I took the video to mean the person she was in love with was so perfect they were like a doll. Obviously, she must have been perfect to him as well, because she too resembled a doll at some points. It’s a fun pop video that I could imagine being played during one of my favorite prime time sitcoms. Vassy looks amazing in the video, and her outfits were too cute. Please, tell me where you got that black and white stripe dress!! I enjoyed it a lot. I can really get a sense of her talent from this. Make sure you check out her other tracks, which are all equally amazing.


 The opinions expressed are purely my own. Videos are selected on a random basis from my mentions, email, timeline, or group post. You may also submit videos to be considered by directly contacting me at


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