I love some of the fashion and style choices of the people I meet on the street and at RVA events. I wanted to dedicate a regular post that will celebrate their unique choices. I also wanted to help others figure out ways to create fun and interesting outfit with items that cost less than $50 dollars at local retailers. I believe style doesn’t have to cost that much, for you too look good. Once you see something you love, regardless if it came from Nordstrom or a Flea Market, you can make it your own with just an ounce of confidence.

GaptoothDiva Style Steal Using the Floral and Colored Pants Trend - Floral Power

GaptoothDiva Style Steal - Wendy and Whitney Floral Power
Wendy and Whitney – GaptoothDiva Style Steal

Check out the styles of Wendy and Whitney, two friends that attended the Crave Day Social this past weekend. Both women decided to enjoy the night’s festivities in floral. Wendy is wearing a floral top with colored pants and peep toe shoes. Whitney is wearing a floral print romper/jumpsuit. She is also rocking tan or nude colored sandals with her ensemble. Below, I recreated their outfits to show you how to incorporate these looks for your fall 2012 wardrobe.

Floral Power

Ichi floral jumpsuit
$45 – welikefashion.com

Stretchy pants

Slim fit jeans

Peep toe wedge

Peep toe shoes


Leather clutch purse

Teardrop earrings

Revlon nude lipgloss

I’m a big fan of colored jeans and pants this season. I just love how they bring an outfit to life and there is no need to be safe. Kohl’s has a great selection, the red pair shown here are only $28. The blue skinny jeans from Gojane.com are $39. There are fantastic options to add to your floral blouses and tops at local thrift stores as well. There are always pants that were apart of a suit but there is no jacket available. You can probably get them for dirt-cheap as well.

You can still get your peep toe game on with these shoe options. The tan colored pair of wedged peep toes are only $50 at heels.com and the black pair of satin Mary Jane pumps are only $39 from charlotterusse.com. With a floral top, don’t be fooled into keeping it safe with shoe design and shoe color. Many will suggest you keep it simple because of the floral print. However, I think you should be equally bold at the bottom, as you are at the top. Make a statement!

*If the night gets chilly, you can always add a basic black blazer, or one with some color or print to add more interest in the outfit. 

Thank you to Wendy and Whitney for allowing us to steal their style!

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Do you love floral prints and how do you wear them?


  1. I love it! I recently made some fewlor headbands on super-thin silk ribbons, and love the idea of being able to clip them onto things too. I might even try to make my own silk fewlors.Oh and I love those shoes, too!


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