GaptoothDiva Music Video Review
GaptoothDiva Music Video Review

I got that fire shorty, yeah I got that fire!! Naw, I don’t even know why I said that. I have brand new videos and tracks for you today. I’m still sharing new music videos for those interested in checking out new independent talent. I’m sharing new videos from up and coming artist (Good & Bad) for your viewing entertainment. Now you may love them or these artist may not be hot enough for you, and that’s cool. Share your opinions on the videos directly or leave a comment below.

This Week in Mentions/Emails…

Prod. Extraordinaire@paulshawtybeats @GaptoothDiva
*New Music* #YMCMB @LilChuckee feat. @Kevin_Gates
#Bills Prod. By @paulshawtybeats

Is it me or does this dude sound like….”Weeeeezzzzyyyy Babbyyy!!” Lmao. I’m serious. I kept looking at the video and the information attached, thinking someone was sharing a new Lil’ Wayne song. Alas, it is not the YMCMB man, but some dude name Lil’ Chuckee featuring another dude by the name of Kevin Gates. I see you! This song actually sounds like it was on the radio the other day. I’m impressed. It takes a lot to impress with a strip joint soundtrack, but I felt a little twerk come on after the first verse that I will just credit to my epilepsy. Keep the party going!

“Hello, my name is Jake Malmstrom. I am part of a hip-hop producer, rapper duo called “Since
Birth” from Duluth, MN. We have a very different, dark/trippy sound, because we believe that will be “the” sound in hip-hop future. We
have a strong buzz in our local surrounding cities and pockets across America, we just need that extra push to take it to the next level. We recently just put out a music video to our song “Till Death”. We plan to release our debut mix tape “LoveOverLust” sometime this fall. Please check out the video at the link posted below, along with our social networking links.”

I know they’re different. Nevertheless, for some guys from Minnesota, I think they have real ambition. I listened to the lyrics several times and to be honest the guy lost me a few moments in, it was something said about Buzz Lightyear from Toy story. LOL. The video was cool; I liked the photography. Other than that, I’m just sharing

“Earlier this year, Miramar, Florida representative Uzi dropped his second mixtape “Keep Watchin” and since then has relentlessly taken to the streets to draw attention to the project. “Watchin, Waitin”, produced by Markilla Beats, is a pounding street anthem for any hard working hustler on the grind and is the latest record from the aforementioned tape to receive a visual treatment.
Over a dark sound bed of haunting piano loops combined with incessant hi hats and a deep, thumping bass line, “Watchin, Waitin” captures Uzi honing in on his brash delivery and clever wordplay to express his angst towards a lack of finances and a hunger to reach new heights of
success while also foreseeing what kind of dangers may come with it. The visual here, filmed and edited by Deep Blu Media and Jizzle Beatz, is a straightforward glimpse into the grind as Uzi hits different neighborhood spots and drops off physical products for the people to
grab and take notice of him. Any feedback will be much appreciated. For more from Uzi be sure to visit his official website at”

There is no doubt that he is talented. I believe this video was much better than the one I reviewed a few months back. He is so motivating. I was hype, like seriously. The video concept was nice; watching him grind in his hometown to this track was awesome. This is probably the favorite of the week.

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