GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

I worked with Rae last year, at an Unforgettable Woman Fashion show and she immediately blew me away. Her personality was so positive and she smiled the entire time. While some of us were frantically rushing to change in and out of our outfits, just to run on stage for two minutes. This girl was as calm as a cucumber. Her bright eyes and warm spirit, made me want to share her story. I thought she was too beautiful a person to keep her away from my audience. You need to be inspired by her.


Her given name is Rachel Williams, but she often goes by Rae Williams. She is a young aspiring Full Figured Model from the Maryland area. Along with being a model, she is also a full-time junior at Towson University studying to receive her degree in Creative Writing and Public Relations.  Rae realized her passion for modeling as a teen;, and has been committed to making her dreams a reality since high school.  However, she has faced many challenges, such as her height. Many photographers and events in her area are not appreciating the fuller figured model demographic. Despite these challenges, Rae slowly but surely rises and continues to gain experience and work.


GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

To her advantage, she has the support of her entire family and the majority of her friends who are always in the background cheering her on. The majority of Rae’s work comes from the New York area, where she soon hopes to reside.  Rae has had the honor to be featured in Skorch Magazine, Fashion News Avenue Magazine and Bella Noir Magazine, and in Plus Boutique Eddy&Bri’s catalog website. Along with many other accomplishments, she has an extremely bubbly personality, and loves to laugh and have fun. Rachel enjoys trying new things and pushing the boundaries of her success.


GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model

Rachel has faced discrimination, being the victim of fraud and being underestimated by photographers and casting directors. Rae pushes past adversity and the hardships of being a young adult pursuing her dreams because she not only wants to make a name for herself. She also wants others to see that it can be done. She firmly believes that anything is possible if you work hard enough and do your absolute best. The obstacles that are faced are just tests to see how hard you are willing to work, and if you can continue to push pass the tears.  Rachel continues to work hard no matter what obstacles she faces because she believes in herself and she has the support from her family that propels her to continue trying.

 GaptoothDiva Interviews Rae Williams, Plus Size Model


I believe that Rae is an amazing example of perseverance. In an industry that can be discriminating and often snide, she continues to work toward something she wants. If she can do it, then we know that many more can as well.


Contact Rae Williams to network or connect:


Model Mayhem:

Twitter: @Juicey_Rae


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