GaptoothDiva interviews Zenobia Bey aka Z Bey of Crab Out The Barrel

I promised I would share some of my inspiring colleagues and friends, and I brought you someone from the crème of the crop. Zenobia Bey also known as Z Bey is promoting her project “Crab Out The Barrel”. Aside from being the Founder of the well respected, Community 50/50, she is also a Lyricist and Poet. I’ve been inspired by her movement since the days of Revelationz at Sunset. She is a profound artist and remarkable activist, whose goals are to unite the community, bring a positive message to the people, motivate, and educate the children. When most seek to profit off the streets by any means, Zenobia exemplifies qualities of the most diligent Samaritans.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit with her and her team, as they discussed their passion to teach and motivate children through the art of Hip Hop. They broke down each aspect and shared their knowledge willingly. Her idea to relate to the public, using a medium that the majority can relate to, shows she is more in touch than we can imagine. Her skills only prove that she is rightful due the title of influence among various generations.

Check her out at her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @ZBeythapoet

GaptoothDiva interviews Zenobia Bey aka Z Bey of Crab Out The Barrel

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