GaptoothDiva reviews RAINRAPS fashionable all weather outerwearWhat started as a simple idea on a rainy day, RAINRAPS™ became the newest creation of New York transplant, Stacy Struminger. Currently residing in Richmond, Virginia Stacy saw a need for a more stylish, lightweight, waterproof accessory in the often wet and humid Richmond climate.

After a frustrating and long rainstorm back in 2011, Stacy realized she had difficulty finding something waterproof to wear outdoors. She shared her idea for a stylish weather resistant wrap with her friend, Rachel Teyssier. The two both decided to turn their great idea into an even greater venture to sell fashionable waterproof outerwear, called RAINRAPS.

As a self-employed/stay-at-home mother, it’s important for me to dress appropriately for the weather. If I get sick, this completely fabulous operation crumbles, so a diva must keep warm and still remain stylish. I think the concept of the RAINRAPS would be beneficial to all women, whether you’re traveling to and from your 9 to 5, school and the gym, or if you’re just picking the children up from practice. I love the various colors available, and how these ambitious ladies displayed great examples of how to wear this original design for those interested in its appeal. The website indicates that you can wear it all year round, making it practical for the consumer. It is also light, durable, fast drying and easy to store away, especially handy for those of us trying to juggle diaper bags, strollers and handbags during the day.

GaptoothDiva reviews RAINRAPS fashionable all weather outerwearQuick Facts About the RAINRAP ™:

Water-Repellent/Water-Resistant Outerwear Accessory

Travel friendly (folds up to fit in a handbag and/or suitcase)


One Size Fits All


100% Polyester

Measurement from the neck to the bottom of the back hem is 25.5 inches

GaptoothDiva: What or who inspired you to create the RAINRAP? Did you come across any obstacles while doing so?

Stacy and Rachel: The hot, humid, rainy weather inspired us to create the RAINRAP. We were tired of having wet clothes in air-conditioned buildings. We had many obstacles in the process of creating the RAINRAP, but none that we couldn’t overcome. The first was finding out that no one in the United States manufactured the waterproof fabric that we fell in love with.

GaptoothDiva: Does it come with some type of bag or carry case? (In the event that it’s wet when I take it off, how do I put it away without wetting the contents of my purse)?

Stacy and Rachel: Our new, hooded RAINRAP comes with a convenient travel pouch that fits just about anywhere. It fits in your purse, briefcase, glove compartment… you name it!

GaptoothDiva: I see it comes in a variety of colors; will I be able to get a customized RAINRAP?

Stacy and Rachel: One day that will be a wonderful, fun addition to our site, but for now you will have to trust us to pick the most fashionable, practical colors for your wardrobe.

GaptoothDiva: What is the overall response from the public regarding the RAINRAP?

Stacy and Rachel: People are thrilled at how soft and rich the fabric feels and how lightweight and compact they are. We are finding that our happy customers want to share their find with their friends and family and we just love sending gifts from our customers to our new customers. Spread the love! We have the best customers and we are so thankful for that!

GaptoothDiva: What can we expect from the two of you in the future?

Stacy and Rachel: Oh, we cannot reveal what we have stirring in the pot, but we just received our samples and we are so excited! Like us on Facebook and be the first to see!

GaptoothDiva: Will do and great job on a fantastic design and stylish colors. I wish you nothing but success in the future. 🙂

GaptoothDiva reviews RAINRAPS fashionable all weather outerwearCheck out the great designs and get a RAINRAP of your own. Don’t go another wet rainy day without a fabulous RAINRAP.

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