Artisan Cafe Winter editionYes! We just wrapped up a great year of having Artisan Café grace us with its fabulous presence. I’m looking for more of the unity and urban collaboration that we have come to expect from Adriane and Melody. The winter edition of Artisan café was held at the very chic Dovetail Construction Company off Chamberlayne Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. I never have been there before, so when I got there it was way beyond my expectation. The event was held indoors, but a portion of the vendors was extended outside covered by tent. I thought it was lovely, so much so I did not want to leave… again. It is getting to the point; they are going to have to carry me out there by security one day. When I say I LOVE Artisan Café, it’s because there are no other words to describe my appreciation for what this event has done for the Richmond business community. By bringing everyone together, with great music, networking, and what we all love… shopping, Artisan Café still maintains my top spot of favorite events to attend. I only missed the first one, and I have not missed one since. My support for this venture is solid, and I hope you feel the same.

Saturday was filled with cozy fashions and warm use of bold colors. I’m especially impressed with how unique and creative Richmond’s fashionable has become. Many attendees stepped far out of the box with certain aspects of their ensemble, it was so different… it was perfect. I’ve made a few adjustments to my style as well, deciding to throw caution to the wind and dress how I feel. There were some classic looks present as well, however although the looks were classic or “classic Inspired”, individuals chose to still add certain details to make even an ordinary look their very own.

From naturals to meticulously straighten curls and waves, women were sporting their made up dos with pride. You rarely ever see an unsmiling face in the crowd, which was flooded with beautiful people. The atmosphere drives you crazy. Never has a person felt so alive, forgetting that the babysitter does have to get off the clock eventually.

Artisan Cafe Winter editionI want more Richmond events to adopt some of the style that Artisan Café exudes. It’s all about how the people dress who attend, because honestly neither Adrienne nor Melody can control that. It’s about the support that comes through door. It’s about the attitude of the individuals invited. Everyone know you come to support, to shop, to connect with new and old friends, and to simply have a fantastic time overall. There is no shade, other than the tent. There is no hate, other the feeling of having to go home. These folks come together with purpose and passion, for their business, their crafts and art, and for each other.

Artisan Cafe Winter editionWhen I’m there, I feel like I’m at a family reunion. I’m drawn to the smiling faces and open arms of people willing to embrace each other’s difference and unite for something bigger and more positive. I’m impressed and infatuated with what’s next for our city. I feel like I belong. When other happenings occur, some of us are on the defensive. We don’t know what to expect, how it’s going to turn out, and if we are going to get our money’s worth. However, at Artisan Café these questions never arise. You can grab your friends and family and walk around feeling great. With amazing tracks pouring out of the speakers, DJ Nobe (@deejaynobe) spins records that are the perfect soundtrack of excellence. I’m jamming in the middle of a graveled floor, forgetting where I am and I loved every minute of it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever read a review of Artisan Café and still haven’t made up your mind if it’s for you. I’m telling you it is! Trust when I say, that everything you want in Richmond Nightlife minus a free bar full of all the alcohol you can drink, this event has got it. There is no need to question should you go. You need to be in the building. I feel like I’m apart of the graduating class of urban art, culture, music, and business. I feel like this is where I belong.


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What Do You Love the Most about Artisan Café?


    1. It was my first time as a vender at this event & I must say it was one of the classiest I have ever attended anywhere. I had so much fun. FYI….to the folks who produce handcrafted items this event is definitely worth, you, displaying your talent. Highest five to Melody & Adrienne on a wonderful event!


  1. Wow I’esha, you always blow me away with your incredible feedback coupled with all of the love and support you give the ARTisan Cafe. It’s always a joy seeing you!! We appreciate you tons and look forward to seeing you in 2013!!! #forwardmovement!


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