GaptoothDiva Reviews Lyric Ave. Freestyle Peformance ShowcaseThis past Saturday, I had the incredible pleasure of attending the Lyric Ave. show (, a comedic freestyle performance showcase which is executive produced by Craig Watson. The show was staged at Richmond’s prestigious Hippodrome Theater in Jackson Ward, and could only be described as a whole lot of fun. Each segment of this showcase was filled with either profound poetry, real life testimony, or hilarious bits of comedy that literally made you think. Hosted by funny man JeRoyd Strother also known as Dyore, who also brought his own dose of humor and charisma, the show maintained an upbeat and enchanting energy that was appreciated by the diverse crowd. It was stated that the purpose of the show was “to feel something”, and feel something I did. I was engrossed in the cast, the level of their creativity and the positive vibes that saturated the room through every skit.

GaptoothDiva Reviews Lyric Ave. Freestyle Peformance ShowcaseFrom the very beginning, the audience was catapulted into distinct prose by infinite poets speaking on subject matter that resonates with what most of us go through today. In example of the impact of society and our ability/inability to act came directly from one cast member, Tron with his piece “That Nigga”. The story of his desire to change the circumstances of a loved one is something so familiar for us all. The passion displayed in is performance spoke volumes to me, as it conveyed a messaged that could not be ignored. J. Gott, also hit the stage delivering a captivating and intriguing piece regarding Never Giving Up. Fittz, as silly as he is in real life, managed to tap into a philosophical alter ego with his piece about Martin Luther King. From the very beginning, I was excited to see what the next hour or so had to bring, simply from the performance of these two very talented men.

If you are a lover of good music, and even better performances, you would have been pleased with the performances by some of Lyric Ave. supreme songstresses. Teshia Lesane delivers a powerful performance and skit, proving that no matter what you can’t make someone love you. Amazingly so, it was hard to believe as she proved that her skills and beauty definitely made the crowd love her. Beautiful Rev. Carla Jackson and Gail Branch both presented fascinating solos individually, setting the scene for the couples in the house. Their voices and grace were appreciated and proved that Lyric Ave. is catering to those that appreciate good soulful vibes in their nightlife repertoire.

GaptoothDiva Reviews Lyric Ave. Freestyle Peformance ShowcaseTwo of the highlighted performances were especially exciting. One from female artist Choklate ( from Seattle, who has just earned herself a new fan. Her refreshing and high-energy soul presented on the stage was not only memorable but beautiful as well. This former office manager stumbled upon her purpose in music and I’m excited to check out what she has up her sleeve from here on out. The other highlight was from RVA’s own Tamir Rock ( who always distributes an artistic and innovative performance wherever you’re lucky to see him. Tamir took to the stage performing his track “Mi Amore” and an incredible hip-hop track where he flows backwards, then forwards. All the while during his performance, he manages to sketch up an awesome picture that also translates into another art piece upside down. At that point you have just exceeded you limit, you’ve gotten your moneys worth, but Lyric Ave. is far from being close to over.

GaptoothDiva Reviews Lyric Ave. Freestyle Peformance ShowcaseMy favorite parts would have to be the Lyric Ave. Cyphers, which are a remake of the acclaimed BET Cyphers featuring the cast. There were two versions, the male version and then the female version (my personal favorite). Although the male version was excellent in its own right, I was able to hear the females more clearly. It could have been audio, but who cares? They were awesome! So much dopeness coming from cast members such as Lee “Narrator” Jones, Nikkea Smithers, and Nickey McMullen, you will be an instant fan at best. The counseling skit was beautiful as well, touching on our hearts, speaking to our souls that tomorrow will be a better day.

I laughed at comedic skits like “Busted”, Lyric Ave.’s version of Cheaters featuring Iman Shabazz and even the “Fiscal Cliff” skit, where Chari Brown and Shanell Anderson play two different African American women on the opposite side of the financial spectrum. Who won’t remember the POMFUS (The President of the M*** F*** United States)? You have to see that funny part alone. I mean… how else are we going to know how to claim our “dependables” on our taxes? LOL

GaptoothDiva Reviews Lyric Ave. Freestyle Peformance ShowcaseLyric Ave has proven to be necessary “MUST DO” in RVA for the 2013 New Year, stepping their game up from their good fun shows of the past. It makes me believe that this cast and all the crew behind its creation deserve the opportunity to be on our televisions as well. The people associated with this show are creative, magnifying, and diligent in their talent and efforts to make us feel something. I felt it all. I laughed, I teared up (cause I just put these lashes on) and I clapped with excitement of toddler at all that they had to bring. The audience responded in the same way, most leaving saying that they couldn’t wait for more. I can’t help but to agree. If you haven’t seen the show, put it on your list of things to do with your friends, your spouse, even with your family. There is no doubt that you will have the time of your life with this bunch of astonishing people.

GaptoothDiva Reviews Lyric Ave. Freestyle Peformance Showcase

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