GaptoothDiva review the Beauty Bar in Richmond Virginia

Immediately upon walking into this salon, right off of Brook Rd. you get the vibe of positive energy. While the stylists work diligently to make their clientele as fabulous as possible, you can sense that these woman love creating change, in many ways. When most businesses are just trying to be accepted by the majority, very few appreciate diversity and individuality like that of The Beauty Bar, LLC. I wanted to take the time to show my appreciation of these women and their style expertise. Many people don’t give props when props are due, however after talking to the stylist at this salon, it’s apparent that is exactly what they want to do. They aim to give love and support throughout the beauty industry. Through the work that they do in the salon and with their magazine Headliners, we will see some great things coming from Beauty Bar, LLC. Their twitter is chock full of natural hair and beauty tips that their following finds beneficial, such as:

  • Find security in ur own beauty. Don’t look to a celebrity or ur friend who has a different hair length/texture for your standard of beauty.
  • Playing with your hair can be damaging – this applies to relaxed or natural hair. Resist the urge.
  • Glue in weaves are cheaper/faster but at the risk of your hair health. You also can’t reuse the hair. Sew-ins are a smarter option
  • When you wear a weave, u may not be protecting ur hair. If u don’t take care of the hair underneath, you could be doing more damage than good
  • Why is gray so hard to color? Hair color only works on natural pigment and gray has no natural color so it absorbs less color.

Dropping gems like these are why these women are an asset to the community, whether you’re natural or not.

GaptoothDiva review the Beauty Bar in Richmond VirginiaI had a chance to talk to Ingrid, Tabatha, Nicole, Candace, and Kesha and the rest of the staff about their experience and what each of them brought to the table. When I asked about each of their specialties, each woman admitted that they could pretty much do it all. From Naturals, coloring, keratin treatment, short styles, curls, sew-ins, and braids, these stylist take it to another level creating styles and looks that their clients have come to appreciate. One client sitting in Nicole’s chair described her appreciation of the services that Nicole and the other staff provide, stating,

“I’m committed to coming the The Beauty Bar. I’ve followed them from their former location (The Hair Cuttery) to here and I have no plans of going anywhere. They do great work and I love it!”

GaptoothDiva review the Beauty Bar in Richmond VirginiaEven the interns appreciate the atmosphere, one intern by the name of Jacobi who started in September, says she likes the camaraderie amongst the staff, the assistance and education that she is receiving, and the flexibility that her position offers her within the salon.  Jacobi stated that her goals are to work fashion shows and photo shoots and to one day open her own salon, and because of the Beauty Bar, Jacobi is well on her way. Ingrid, Nicole, and Tabatha discussed collaborating to bring this dream into culmination. The women described having faith and stepping out into their dream to watch it grow. With all of their supporters giving them the go ahead because they saw the talent between them, it was just a matter of them believing in themselves. The advice Ingrid gives is,

“Pray, take the step. If your dreams are of God’s will and you stay focused, you can birth something amazing…. Very similar to child birth.”

They are definitely providing a service with professional products for healthy hair, that many women would love, but what touches us the most is that they want people to EXPERIENCE something much more than a hair style/beauty service. They want people to love what they do and feel like every visit is like “happy hour” with the girls. I definitely got that vibe inside the salon. Sweatpants with no makeup on, they made your girl feel like she was at home.

GaptoothDiva review the Beauty Bar in Richmond VirginiaNow currently they are promoting their second issue of Headliners Hair Magazine (Vol. 2), where they are looking to feature some fabulous and driven hair stylist, MUA’s (Makeup Artist) and Nail Technicians. If you have the skills that pay the bills, I would strongly suggest that you check them out. They have a shoot scheduled for April 2013, so don’t procrastinate! Email for more information about Headliners Magazine at

To support the Beauty Bar, LLC –  Follow them on twitter at @The Beauty_Bar (

Make your appointment today and get beautified and styled by any one of their amazing stylist.

The Beauty Bar
6036 Brook Rd
Richmond, VA 23227


Beauty Bar website:

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