GaptoothDiva talks about Amor Jay PhotographyFrom the moment I decided to launch DashA’veri, I knew I would have my hands full. From styling the outfits, coaching the models on how I wanted the clothes displayed, to ensuring that I don’t explode with anxiousness and excitement, there was no way I could do it all by myself. I needed someone to take pictures that not only showed a passion for his or her craft, but also exemplified humility and a love for creativity as I did.

GaptoothDiva talks about Amor Jay PhotographyI reached out to Jay, of Amor Jay Photography ( a young woman I went to school with back in the day. She has covered amazing events such as fashion shows, live performances, couple’s announcements, and nightclub events. Her work is steadily depicted in various publications and she shares her progress on her Facebook fan page (Amor Jay Photography). I wanted to be sure that that when I communicated my goals and intentions, that she would be able to pilot my vision into a successful launch for my website. I was impressed with her work and I think you all should check her out and support this talented human being in her endeavors, as she is taking pure passion and self-education and turning it into the career of her dreams.

GaptoothDiva talks about Amor Jay PhotographyJay, the owner and photographer of Amor Jay Photography started in 2006. Her grandfather passed away when she was 11, after which she decided to get into taking photos with One Time cameras. She felt that life is too short; therefore, you never know when you will see someone again. She decided to carry a camera in her possession, to ensure that she was always able to capture those special moments with her friends and family.

Jay gives thanks to her friend Darrell Skinner aka S.M.N, who helped her receive some of her first photo shoot opportunities and who really encouraged her to absorb herself deeper into photography.

Since the day she began, she has done live shows, private photo shoots, engagement events, weddings, etc…

Jay says, “My favorite subject to photograph is landscapes. I feel with landscape subjects, it’s all about nature and nothing is more beautiful than the world around us.”

Check Jay out at Amor Jay Photography:

GaptoothDiva talks about Amor Jay PhotographyYou can see some of her work on the

DashA’veri Vintage and Thrifted Redesign website, here:


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