Around this time of year so many people are interested in improving their lifestyle, their health, and let’s be honest…they want to look better naked. I am no exception to this, however this year I would prefer to make a permanent lifestyle change. It’s easy to jump on some trendy diet or detoxify, but harder to maintain it throughout the year. Who better to ask about detoxifying and changing your healthy eating habits, then a holistic health professional? Now don’t trip, if you look it up, you’d know that holistic health is just referring to the entire body, the whole person. Through healing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions holistic health professionals assist in helping us achieve optimal health and wellness. I decided to ask Richmond’s own Angela Baker to contribute information on the subject and answer some important questions about improving our lives and how the services and teachings she offer, can change us into better people inside and out. Angela was so thorough in her answers that we decided to make this a series. So check back often as we post information on a healthier lifestyle straight from GoddessBody herself, Angela Baker.

Today’s Question: What are some natural solutions to healthy hair, skin, and nails that aren’t frequently depicted in mainstream media and advertisement?

The health of your skin is manifested through the health of your blood & liver. The fewer amounts of toxic compounds, and acidity carried in the blood, the less pimples, acne, rashes, dry skin conditions will manifest. If your liver (the major detoxifying organ of the body) is in overload due to processing all the toxic crap you’re consuming; then your blood will have higher concentrations of acidity & toxicity, leading to skin ailments, and other health issues down the line.   Therefore once again, it starts with what you eat!  Sure not ALL hair, skin, and nail issues are directly correlated to your food, but over 75% is! Try cleansing the blood & liver with a 100% herbal based detox/cleanse that focuses on full body cleansing, not just liver cleansing.  Here is a yummy fresh vegetable juice cocktail with ingredients known to help cleanse the blood and stimulate optimal liver function: Blend (preferably juice, with a juicer), kale, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon and consume daily until you see a difference on your skin.

In addition, when we think of maintaining our tresses (hair) we usually resort to products to apply to the scalp or hair shafts. However, the roots grow from the inside out! The health of your hair is DIRECTLY interrelated with what you EAT! Plants that have scientific name celery Apium Grafeolens (a.k.a celery lol) also have a large contribution to the world of beauty. Juicing the leaves & stems have been proven to stimulate hair growth, while nourishing and maintaining healthy hair! Try this celery blend 3X a week to ensure beautiful tresses from the inside out: 4 stalks celery, 1 bunch cilantro or parsley, handful of kale or collards and 2 green apples.  There are also some great herbs in nature that aid in remedying hair, skin & nail issues, stimulating hair to grow, & clarifying your skin and nails.  Herbs such as rosemary, nettle, and sage have been clinically tested and traditionally used of centuries to stimulate healthy hair growth and prevent issues in these areas.  I have also created a Hair, Skin, & Nails Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend with these herbs and many others.  This herbal blend consists of plants which assist in the sustained growth, nourishment, and strengthening of hair and scalp, from roots to tip. The vitamins and minerals found in this herbal blend also aid in the beautification and clarification of the skin. When ingested regularly, the herbal compounds cleanse the blood and skin cells of toxic debris and other insalubrious compounds that cause dull skin and excess breakouts. The selected plants also strengthen and add natural clarity to nails & cuticles.

Even though majorities of skin ailments are derived from one’s diet, we cannot fail to take into consideration the fact that our skin is actually the largest organ of the human body and absorbs high levels of substances with which it comes into contact. By using natural and organic products on our skin, we can drastically reduce the amount of toxic chemicals we absorb & benefit from an enormous range of natural products, many of which have been used effectively for hundreds of years. I also carry a host of 100% natural body products including all natural butters, oils, hygiene products etc.  100% Natural body products will help to HEAL your body of a myriad of skin, & hair issues, & provide natural healthy maintenance to your body.

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Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angela Baker GoddessBody Holistic Health Review on GaptoothDivaAngela Elizabeth Baker, Holistic Health Practitioner, Biologist, Herbalist, & Educator of the Holistic Sciences is a force in raising awareness & spawning positive action in the realms of healing the human form through leading a natural wholistic lifestyle. Having had her own battles with ill health, culminating at the young ages of 18- 21, ranging from fibroids, ovarian cysts, & kidney issues. She adopted a vegan diet, & learned of earths natural plant remedials to further assist the body in healing itself. After a year & half of ingesting Natural foods and herbs regularly, she successfully eradicated ALL forms of female disorders once residing in her temple. This spawned her to “live her making” as a holistic healer & educator, for the world at large. She is also a mother of 4 young children whom she home-schools along with her husband of 8 years.

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