GaptoothDiva interview Temeka Brown about her personal style and fashion

Temeka Brown is a 27 years old biracial female from Richmond Virginia. She says, “I have always wanted to model since I was a little girl was always practicing modeling to music in my room pretending like I was on a runway.” It took Temeka years for her to get the strength and the courage to try out for modeling.  She admits, “I figured hey it’s never too late to start. I love working as a counselor and modeling on the side. I have no kids and want to pursue graduate school later this year.” Temeka stands “5”7″ and has been modeling for a couple of months but has done several fashion shows and photo shoots such as Ashely Stewart, Ivie Rose Boutique and DashA’veri Vintage & Thrifted Redesigns, to name a few.

GaptoothDiva interview Temeka Brown about her personal style and fashion“My style I would say is free spirited. I love bright colors and lips stick.
I would say my biggest challenge was my weight. Modeling inspired me to workout and eat healthy.”

GaptoothDiva interview Temeka Brown about her personal style and fashion“I would tell young girls never give up. Practice walking, watch shows
like Americas Top Model, and never give up your dreams and passions.”

GaptoothDiva interview Temeka Brown about her personal style and fashion

GaptoothDiva interview Temeka Brown about her personal style and fashion“I plan to expand my talent and go to different cities and states to get more modeling gigs. So far, I love modeling… its fun I meet new people.”

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I always loved Temeka’s bubbly spirit and her humility, she is such a beautiful young lady. I can’t wait to see her continue to blossom in her ambitions and do amazing things in the future.

See Temeka Featured in Glam Gurls Fashion Show 2012:

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