It’s so refreshing when you see an artist with a message; it’s even more refreshing when that message is in conjunction with exactly how you feel. Lately, I have been having this hunger for the word and for change. I noticed that everything related to life, struggles and blessings are mentioned in the bible one way or another. All my life I felt as if I was being pulled into two different directions, as if I was in a game of tug and war with me being the rope. As strong as I am, as I feel God has made me, it’s apparent that my gifts and talents far exceed whatever expectations I have or understand, and my enemy know that. It’s a fight, as I mentioned before in It’s a War Happening Right Now! Using Faith As My Armor: A Letter from The Battle Field.

T-Rock and Priceless featured on GaptoothDiva.comSo thankfully, I see inspirational videos come my way, or by way of my husband, and I’m excited. I really want you to check out this video and support this couple. T-Rock and Priceless have been rapping for over 11 years. They also have been married to each other for 6 years. They currently reside in Richmond, Virginia with their 4-year-old daughter and 9 month old twin boys.  T-Rock and Priceless are passionate about Jesus and greatly desire to see our present world have a life altering, authentic encounter with the only true and living God.  They believe our generation is no longer satisfied with church as usual.  There is a desperation and hunger for the presence of God and real change.  These two have decided that they can no longer sit idly by as the enemy destroys families and attempts to completely mar any trace of the image of God in our society.  T-Rock and Priceless are relentless about Biblical truth and seek to relay the Gospel in a relevant way through rap.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  They want to present Jesus in a tangible way as they serve their community and local church.  Through their dynamic testimonies, T-Rock and Priceless want others to see how God has transformed their lives for His Glory.  Moreover, in doing so, they hope to respond to the cry of the people and bring glory to God.

Through their lives, they both have endured struggles, trials, and tribulations, and their lives currently are great examples of how merciful God is and how awesome God has been. Avoiding circumstances that could have ultimately made them statistics, they both relied on prayer and service to see them through, and through their work they are aiming to inspire others to do the same.

Check out “The City” by T-Rock and Priceless….

T-Rock and Priceless featured on GaptoothDiva.comAlso, support their work and connect with them by checking out their links here:……

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