Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip   Christian Crawford of Runway Couture (, a classy and elegant entrepreneur in Richmond, decided to throw a shopping and networking event at Brickstone Grill last Saturday. Perfect and just in time for Mother’s Day, fashion and style lovers all over Virginia made their way to Midlothian Turnpikes former “Razzles” location. Newly renovated and redesigned, this location turned out to be perfect for shopping and networking with some of Virginia’s hardest working professionals in beauty, fashion, and style. Taking Ms. Sydney Harris (@Sydneyellese) of Young Ladies of Beauty with me, we were ready and prepared to meet all of the beauty and fashion entrepreneurs under one roof in support of Runway Couture. Immediately captivated by all the options available for all types of women, we knew that Christian did a wonderful thing bringing all of these amazing people together. While winning prizes and raffles, patrons were able to shop and get discounts at the bar. Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip   From cupcakes infused with alcohol to healthy and energizing water, to eclectic and stylish vintage designs to handmade and crafted dresses, this event catered to a diverse crowd of women, who deserved the ultimate shopping and beauty experience. Unique and original jewelry designs, styles that were not overdone and tacky, retailers provided specialty for a new and prospective clientele that was impressive. Among some of the vendors, I had a chance to chat it up with Jacole Thomas of, stylish dresses and accessories for curvaceous women. Make sure to check her out. Also, I talked to the beautiful Melani L. Jones, owner of IRock Natural (, who had an awesome collection of t-shirts and accessories that real natural enthusiast can enjoy. I appreciate the styling and effort she put into her pieces and I can’t wait to see more. Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip   One of my absolute favorites, another vintage and thrifting aficionado, Andrea Nicole of La Dainta ( who I got to officially meet for the first time, should also be supported. I love her style and her spirit, a very nice young lady. Among some of the pretty faces in the building was also Virginia Natural Hair Blogger, Jonna of Naturally Glam ( Just when you thought that, all the fun was somewhat over, I mean how much shopping and beauty can you tolerate, Runway Couture’s Christian Crawford takes the event up a notch, and all in attendance line dancing. I was tickled, because never before have I seen that down home feeling at a shopping/networking event, and I must say I really like it. A girl like me likes to wobble-wobble everyone once in while, but so often I feel like “I must keep it professional”, however in a beautiful self-made gown this fashion maven made everyone feel relaxed and at-home by suggesting we all let loose. That was truly fun and it made us all look forward to her next event.         Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip   Overall, the event was awesome and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I appreciate the invitation, and from my understanding she has something up her sleeve for next month, so be sure to follow her and be on the lookout. For more of the baddest creative motivation, reviews, and commentary follow me on Twitter @GaptoothDiva   Runway Couture Fashion Forward Shop and Sip


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