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Today’s awesome style and personality belong to:

Amanda Lewis (@SuchATymeAsThiz)

Amanda Lewis on GaptoothDiva Featured Style

Amanda Lewis, a native of Richmond, VA grew up with a love and natural knack for the arts. She participated in everything from dance, art, theater, and cheer leading, to sports and choir. Though talented, she was very shy in school. While attending Virginia State University to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and certificate in Fine Art, she began to break out of her shell. Just a few years later, she moved to Virginia Beach to pursue her Master’s degree. While there, she began to take a serious interest in modeling and decided to pursue it.

“I would describe my style as artistic, elegant, and tomboy. I am not so much a girly girl (as I like to run with the boys) but I do have that natural elegance about me. I’m not afraid to put a pair of boots or sneakers with some really classy accessories. Since I live for art as well, I always put my individual flare on things, which is usually a touch of lavender!”

Amanda Lewis on GaptoothDiva Featured StyleAfter a few test shoots, the young aspiring model was able to sign with three local agencies. Since then, Amanda had ripped the catwalks of the infamous New York Fashion Week, done jewelry shows for Laura Luxe, been in a commercial, music video, and a host of other projects. Amanda feels as if she has only gotten her feet wet though and hopes to make it to the top. She has traveled to Germany, Italy, Austria, France, and Honduras, and will be hitting the streets of Africa Spring 2013. In the years to come, she plans on being a Doctor, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Artist, Entrepreneur, model, and only God know what else!

When asked about the obstacles she had to overcome, Amanda responds…

“I’ve mostly had to overcome rejection time and time again to get to where I am today. When you are different and deplore fitting in, people don’t always accept you. Rejection is hard and something I will never get used to but I can admit that it makes me stronger each time.”

Amanda Lewis on GaptoothDiva Featured StyleAmanda unique features is what set her apart from all of the girls who participated in the first DashA’veri photo shoot. Her humble spirit and graceful demeanor spoke volumes about the kind of young woman she was and what she aspires to be. I asked her what advice would she give to young girls and/or what advice she would give to her younger self, Amanda answered, “I would say, you will face many obstacles in life but with the help of God you can overcome them all. It’s okay to be afraid sometimes but never let fear control you. Write out your dreams, pray, make a plan, and execute! You are not inferior to anyone and you are amazing just the way you are.”

That’s the kind of advice we could all use in our lives. Please make sure you follow and support this young lady, because her spirit is so beautiful just like her presence.

Follow her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/aartisan

Twitter @SuchATymeAsThiz

Amanda Lewis on GaptoothDiva Featured Style

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