Giving Rock a serious twist, singer/song writer Urica Rose has been described as “this generations answer to the reinvention of Rock”. Loving her alternative look I decided to reach out and pick her brain on her personal style as well as her career in music.  Born in Texas, but raised in NYC from a very young age, Urica learned the ways of New York City & its eclectic vibe. At age 16, she honed into her inner talents and realized she had an extraordinary harmonious gift. Urica is inspired by legends, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Aretha Franklin and describes her own vocals as a passionate, blues filled rawness, seasoned with an ample dose of “Rock”. Evolving more as an artist, Urica quickly expanded her musical aptness by assimilating the skills of the guitar. ATL audiences were the first to be mesmerized by her distinct sound. Urica Rose discovered her niche… Rock & Blues. Urica Rose will catapult this phenomena into “The New Generation of Rock”.

Urica Rose Featured on music and styleWhen asked how does she describe her style, Urica answered, “I never put much thought into it, it pretty much happened when an extreme thought came to mind. Due to everyone thinking I looked as though I did R&B or something subtle.  I said now the statement will be clear.” It is clear that she is no basic R&B chick at all, which is why I love her style.


Urica Rose Featured on music and styleSince she is a transplant out of Texas, now living in New York, Urica says that because she left Texas at such a young age, she can’t even admit to being aware of fashion and style at the time. Do you remember the days, when that didn’t register to you? Lol, I sure do.

Urica Rose Featured on music and styleNow Urica also spent some time in Atlanta as well for a short time, so when asked about the obvious differences in style between Atlanta and New York, she answered “I lived in both Atlanta and NY in my more fashion conscious years so it would be easier to compare these two. I always admired how the girls in Atlanta wore their hair and experimented with colors etc. Then I always loved how New York girls dressed and put their style together. So I fused the two.” 

“I’m more of a boutique, custom design type of girl meaning my stylist and I at times sit down and draft up ideas and this may result in an outfit.”

So what is Urica’s awesome beauty routine, she states “I don’t have much of a beauty routine.  I focus on getting a lot of rest and drinking plenty of water.”

So what are the beauty and style items that she can NOT leave home without? Urica admits, “Lipstick and Eye liner!!!!” Girl, don’t I know it. LOL

So because Urica is so unique and stylish, I wanted to know what advice would she give to young aspiring artist and beautiful young women just like herself, she confidently proclaims “Be yourself, people will like you when it feels more authentic” Love it! Simple truth to live by.

Her new single “Ain’t No” is topping all of the CD Baby rock charts one by one! In just under a week, Urica has achieved #1 spots on the Alt Rock, Pop Punk, Metal, Punk, and Rock charts! This means that this week “Ain’t No” is one of the top selling singles above all of their releases!  Watch “Ain’t No” music video below:

Urica Rose said:  “The song is about a girl that’s at the end of her rope with everything and everyone she taking a stand against it all. It’s a very empowering song built with a lot of raging emotions. She sat back for a while and let things happen until she couldn’t take it anymore and then she explodes and tells the guy she is in a relationship with “Ain’t no way you gonna treat me like whatever.” At some point we all go through that relationship were you will do anything for a person no matter how they treat you. At some point we all have to say enough is enough and stand up for our self.”




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 Urica Rose Featured on music and style

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