Every Week GaptoothDiva.com wants to feature beautiful, stylish, and marvelous people with awesome personalities. It’s our pleasure to highlight our supporters and just how incredibly unique they are. Check out the following individual and connect with them online. We’re building a community of like-minded people who want to celebrate distinctiveness and diversity. We are the Baddest Creative Motivation!

Today’s awesome style and personality belong to:

Theresa Powell


Theresa Powell Featured Style on GaptoothDiva.comTheresa Powell has been modeling since the beginning of the year. Modeling has always been her dream, and now she is in a great time in her life to go after her dreams. Since she has been modeling, things have really taken off for her. She has walked in both New York Fashion Week and Brooklyn Fashion week. In March she was on the front cover of “Very Full Figured” Magazine which according to her, was an awesome experience and has been recently signed to True Model Management.

Theresa Powell Featured Style on GaptoothDiva.com


“I like to consider myself a “Glamazon” a beautiful, thick, tall, voluptuous woman who is confident and is proud to show the world that big is definitely sexy. I like to categorize my personal style as “Bold n Rethickulous”. Because my style is what you will see a slimmer girl would wear and what most curvy women will be hesitant to wear.”


Theresa Powell Featured Style on GaptoothDiva.comTheresa admits to having an obsession with shoes, like every other woman in the world. She says, “I love shoes, shoes, shoes, the taller the heel the better. While standing 5’9, already once I put on my heels, I don’t ask for the attention I naturally demand it.” Theresa’s wardrobe consist of Body Suits, fitted Jean, skirts, dresses, business attire and other clothing that maintains my personal style. She says she still keeps it classy and tasteful. Theresa says, “I look forward to the future, because with my determination and persistence, I’m determine to take my Career as a Full Figured model to a higher level. I would like to thank The Most High, first and foremost, for giving me the drive and the confidence to chase my dreams.”

We absolutely love your confidence and ambition dollface, Keep it up. Very inspiring!

Theresa Powell Featured Style on GaptoothDiva.com

Check out Theresa in action:

Support Theresa via her Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Theresa-Powell/154408228046211



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