The verdict was announced and I admit, I cried. George Zimmerman, the man that shot and killed 17- year old Trayvon Martin was declared NOT GUILTY by a jury of his “peers”. Even now reading the aftermath of such a monumental event in the course of history, I sit here trying to figure out how this situation could have been avoided. I realize there was nothing no one could do. An idiot killed a young man, because that idiot was ignorant, plain and simple. Now while we all complain and scream about this injustice and the apparent freedom of an obviously racist individual, there are more and more people in this world being racially profiled, discriminated against, and preyed upon by those who can afford to torture through means of a judicial system.

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Zimmerman Case, Self Defense Was Hard to Topple

In the meantime, also in Florida, Mom Marissa Alexander to serve 20 Years for Firing Warning Shot, While George Zimmerman Goes Free (

As an African American mother of two boys, I worry about their safety, their lives, and the injustices they too can face one day due to the ignorance of some people. I know that racism is still prevalent and especially in the south, there are still people who don’t respect or care for the lives of black people and others outside of the fair skin, blue eyed group. How does a mother protect her children, her husband, and ultimately herself from falling victim to someone else’s stupidity and their hate?

A while ago, I wrote an article about dressing in a manner that would make some assume you were one thing when you really were not. Many black men are profiled by their bagging jeans, hoodies, and other clothing items, categorized as hoodlums, gangsters, and potential suspects. Despite everything, wearing these particular clothing items doesn’t make you a criminal just like black/brown skin should not make you the suspect, the aggressor, or dangerous. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frightened. If I didn’t admit that the fear of raising good boys, educated and polite, still won’t make a difference against a system that has failed two parents already by not putting the man that murdered their child behind bars. What can we do?

We can get involved in community activism, volunteer in the community, become a mentor and dedicate some small iota of our time trying to steer our youth in the right direction some way or somehow.

Join the NAACP ( or create our own organizations that fight for the fair treatment and justice of people just like us.

We can continue to have faith and not focus too much attention to our disadvantages, but on the positive. It’s a terrible and unfortunate circumstance that has occurred, one that as a parent I can only imagine how devastating it can be. However, through this all I pray that more people become even more conscious about their circumstances and how to make a difference. I pray that more parents don’t take for granted the time they have with their children, but take advantage of more opportunities to teach them, to help mold them, and to give them more chances than we could have ever imagined.

I’m not about to sit and be angry all day, every day about the behavior of others. I’m not about to cast out all white people into a category of hate and claim that any one group is holding us back every single day. I can only prepare myself to understand the legal system, ensure that my family is privy to that same knowledge and understanding, and hope/pray that we are safe. Complaining is unproductive. It’s about time that people understand that they should be the example that they want to see, instead of just talking about it… be about it.

Continue to address the issues, make a difference, voice your opinions, and teach our children. Let’s put our words into action. I plan to do this, I hope you can join me.

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