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Hubs (@BoonyeRVA) & I are back at it again with another video taking points from our own experiences and dishing that real and inspiring relationship advice. We dish it out, because we can take it. There is no perfect couple and relationships have it’s ups and down, therefore what better way to get your tips and tricks from the two people who’ve been together since childhood.

Today’s love advice topic is about treating your significant other the way you want to be treated, NOT  how they treat you. You miss out on important moments for romance, love, compassion, and communication when you live your relationship doing that old “tit-for-tat” nonsense that keep some uninformed couples from progressing and growing into a life-long love.

#1. Discuss it – Tell your partner how you feel and what you expect (this is the time to either agree to disagree or to start finding a solution)

#2. Reiterate – Whatever your issue is, obviously it hasn’t been fixed yet. Find ways to assist in finding a solution, talk about a compromise, either way… it’s a fair warning.

#3. All bets are off – Real Talk! You are too grown for someone to have to tell you something three times like you are a kid. This is a sign of a lack of respect. Don’t trip when the “ish” hits the fan.

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How Do You Treat Your Partner The Way You Want To Be Treated?

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