Ying Yang Twins Make Miley Cyrus Twerk Track and GaptoothDiva Reviews WTF

The Ying Yang Twins are back with Mr. Collipark, and are making that classic twerk music again.

Their new single “Miley Cyrus” has gone viral, spanning many pop blogs and getting rave reviews even from the Huffington Post, and of course I can’t help but wonder…


This song is supposedly for black girls and white girls alike, a point made early in the track. It’s nothing like bringing culture and races together like a good ‘ole ghetto twerk song, uh?

Rock with it, yet? Well apparently your propensity to twerk well means you know how to ride that penis. “Oooh What’s wrong with her?” says Ying Yang Twins during the track. Exactly what I’m thinking to the grown woman with enough “IDGAF” to dance to this outside of the strip club on a pole. This is not for regular women, this is for certified strippers… and of course, Miley Cyrus. Smh.

“With her camel toe, she steal the show, put her p***y in your face like a freaky hoe! Smell like Bath & Body Works…” – Ying Yang Twins

Negro What?

Well, if that doesn’t spell Ratchet… I can’t tell what does these days. I think I found the soundtrack to your daughter’s 16th birthday party. Just kidding, don’t play this mess around your kids. But don’t think you won’t hear this at the local nightclub. Somebody’s mother, Baby Mother, and Cousin will Twerk Miley, Miley, Miley to this like it was going out of style.

Points for taking advantage of Ms. Hanna Montana‘s “twerking” phase and making a song about it. However, that’s where the points end. A white girl twerking is not really a phenomenon… that’s for sure.

Kudos to all you sisters with an ounce of self-respect. Twerk to this in the comfort and confines of your bedroom while you clean up and do your booty squats, but don’t you dare leave the house gyrating to this mess… and proclaim you want respect.

Excuse I have to go wash my brain out. Ratchet overload has commenced.

Check out Miley Cyrus here https://soundcloud.com/yingyangtwins-2/miley-cyrus-main/s-n0CVU

Miley Cyrus Main:

The Ying Yang Twins are coming to a town near you! Check out their tour dates below :

JUL 10 WED House of Blues Myrtle Beach North Myrtle Beach, SC 09:00 PM Moodswing Presents Keep Calm and Twerk Feat. Ying Yang Twins
JUL 18 THU The Crofoot Ballroom Pontiac, MI 09:00 PM Ying Yang Twins with Fki, the Melker Project & Young Jino
JUL 19 FRI Home: House of Music and Entertainment Arlington Heights, IL 10:00 PM Ying Yang Twins with Keep Calm and Twerk Tour / Fki & the Melker Proje
JUL 21 SUN Peabody’s Cleveland, OH 06:00 PM Ying Yang Twins featuring Victory Da Rapper
JUL 24 WED Middle East – Downstairs Cambridge, MA 08:00 PM Keep Calm & Twerk Tour’ featuring Ying Yang Twins , Fki
JUL 26 FRI Gramercy Theatre New York, NY 08:00 PM Keep Calm And Twerk Featuring Ying Yang Twins



  1. You come off like your jealous of white girls. I’m 23 and from Jacksonville, FL and I’m half Cuban and white and throughout my entire life I have noticed that most black women are surprisingly jealous of pretty white girls especially when they catch all the attention of black men. Seriously, I wish you guys would just get some self respect


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