Every Week GaptoothDiva.com wants to feature beautiful, stylish, and marvelous people with awesome personalities. It’s our pleasure to highlight our supporters and just how incredibly unique they are. Check out the following individual and connect with them online. We’re building a community of like-minded people who want to celebrate distinctiveness and diversity. We are the Baddest Creative Motivation!

Today’s awesome style and personality belong to:

Erica Wright from DMV

Erica Wright featured on GaptoothDiva style section, plus model, dmv

This beautiful 31 year old talented model lives in the DMV area. I met her during a photo shoot for Ivie Rose Boutique a few months ago, and along with her beauty, she possessed a witty and charismatic personality. It was a lot of fun working with her, and I know you will enjoy her style as well.

Erica Wright featured on GaptoothDiva style section, plus model, dmvErica says, “Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I was influenced by the likes of TLC, Escape, and a host of other amazing girl groups.  These influences and being fortunate to live in cities like New York, Nashville, Boston, and my hometown Akron has helped to shape my style.”

Erica Wright featured on GaptoothDiva style section, plus model, dmv

Erica says she never conforms to just one look. She explain, “Just like the seasons change is how I look at my style.”

“You can find me with sneakers and a wife beater all the way down to a long flowing summer dress.”

Erica Wright featured on GaptoothDiva style section, plus model, dmv

This model states that you can’t fit her style into any one box.

Her advice is, “You have to be like a chameleon, and that means being able to adapt to any situation!!”

Go ahead Erica, we see you beautiful!

Check more of her out at Facebook: https://facebook.com/Ericanwright

Also check her out at  www.bostoncolortv.com

To be featured Submit your information to GaptoothDiva@hotmail.com. Men & Women encouraged to apply. Submit your pics, a brief bio describing your style, and your online profile links and we will share your info with our community. All ages and demographics accepted, Style is unique and we love it!

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