GaptoothDiva features Stevie Boi

Dancing around in your underwear, you sing in the mirror smiling at your quirks, your flaws, and everything that sets you apart from the world. No one sees this part of you, the naked and free spirited version of yourself that apparently most of society isn’t ready for. You want to dress differently, you want to hang out with people that you weren’t exactly raised around. It’s that strong desire to step outside of your comfort zone and be who you truly are, no matter the consequences, which has you feigning for a change.

It’s that same desire that envelopes me often. I still manage to find myself in a rut of my own doing, playing things safe and close to my chest more than I’m willing to admit. It’s that safety that I pretend will spare my feelings. The safety of keeping my most creative inside far from judgment, my most unique attributes hidden… casted away from imitation. But for what? It’s the beauty of rebelling against social norms that makes me excited about being a true individual. I love that I won’t ever look like another individual or that everything that I like and love, makes me so much different from the girl standing next to me no matter where I am. I love that I enjoy everything just as quirky, distinctive, obscure, and artistic as the “me” inside. It’s a passion and desire to ignore the caution signs and just create that propels me to continue on. The idea that I can use my voice, my platform, and just resonate all my feelings into my words, my art, and my perspective, is the single most exhilarating thing I can imagine when I do what I do.

This video proves that to me. That just like style and fashion, it all is just one big imaginative and innovative risk. To create something that inspires you and makes you convey your message, then gain so much attention because your work was appreciated by other influential individuals. I’m excited to see where this journey goes, but in the meantime… please check out and support Stevie Boi, an ingenious and imaginative designer who has dared to be different.

Stevie Boi is fashion designer known for creating iconic eyewear and accessories for stars & clients such as Lady Gaga, Vogue Magazine, TV Commercials, Film, Rihanna , Anna Dello Russo and many more.

Stevie Boi was born in Augusta, Georgia but raised overseas. He grew up with parents who were in the Army and traveled a lot during his childhood. He started designing in 2007 and quit his job with the military to start his business selling eyewear. Stevie’s big break was landing his eyewear on the cover of Vogue Italia November issue Shot by Steven Meisel‘s plus an additional six page spread entitled The a Train featuring pieces from his new collection “Coexist”, Time Magazine conducted an interview with Stevie. The Interview brought in a huge number of press for Stevie and his business team.

Stevie Boi has designed Pieces for Lady Gaga’s new album “ARTPOP“. Stevie Boi™ now specializes in high fashion, runway, ready-wear shades and accessories. He has since designed for countless celebrities (Beyonce, Fergie, Lady Gaga, Snooki, Meagan Goode, Dev, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Kat Graham and more) and has been featured in countless magazines (Vogue Italia, Vogue Germany, Vogue Japan, Elle, Glamour, Vocab, Xex, YRB and many more). His shades can be seen in Nicki Minaj’s video with Cassie “The Boys” and in Beyonce’s “Diva” and in Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” video and Dev’s “In The Dark”.

You can find out more about Stevie on:

Facebook –

Twitter – @StevieB0i

Instagram – SBShades

YouTube – SBSHADES channel



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