GaptoothDiva discusses the old meme of Gellieman - Aicha

Ok, so the nice people at Bombshell shared this video with me last week, I couldn’t help but to make a comment about it. Everyone kept doing the dance routine and singing the song to me at work, and all I kept thinking was these white people are singing Another Bad Creations “Aisha” all wrong, why for the love of GOD!!???

Little did I know that this little Belgian boy remade an already popular song by French singer-songwriter Jean Jacques Goldman and Algerian Rai artist Khaled (unrelated to DJ “We the best”)

Yet, another song that speaks on how wonderful I am and how I just seem to drive the guys crazy…pause.

Just kidding. Now I can brag about how there is more than one song about me, and how some girl with my name turned out the “Shermenator’s” (American Pie movie, duh!) little brother.

There were rumors that this guy killed himself, but after further researching I couldn’t find anything. Apparently this meme is old, like 2003 old, but I can’t believe I didn’t know anything about this. He is seriously dancing a choreographed routine while singing about this girl. It’s hilarious! I watched it like 12 times, and each time I see it… I’m in stitches laughing at this guy. I sincerely apologize if he was genuinely trying to showcase his skills as a performer… but this ish is funny!

A’isha (My name is spelled I’esha) – is an Arabic female given name which means “She who lives” and In Muslim the meaning of the name Aisha is: Life. Vivaciousness. Living. Prosperous. Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad.



1. That Bed, how does one “court” women with a bed such as this?

2. Does he NOT look like the “Shermenator”?, it’s almost cute in a way, but I’m weird like that.

3. How many times can you imagine someone catching him doing this? Reasons why I only had my own room for a year.

4. Why isn’t this more popular, hello??  He spelled my name wrong, but he still sings to me. I love him.

I was just joking in that last part (get your life), however I love the real version of this song, it’s beautiful. Check it out here Outlandish – Aicha

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