So I patrolled the website, I love the post. There is some serious dopeness when it comes to this team of stylish dolls known as the Mannequin Cult. I love it! With head turning pieces that are sure to grab the attention of every shade throwing Ms. Whats Her Face at events, you won’t be disappointed. I went to the official Website – and took a look at what they had to offer after checking out a very captivating YouTube video posted on my timeline.

GaptoothDiva reviews Couture Mannequin Site fashion, style, shop local

Couture Mannequin describes their brand and movement as being Bold, Exciting, and Diverse, characteristics that are apparent through their use of color, prints, texture, and a bevy of beautiful models who all support the brand very well if you ask me. Their Design team is comprised of Virginia and Hawaii based members who attribute a feminine twist to an otherwise eclectic array of audacious statement pieces. The intention is for the wearer, also known as the “Mannequin” to stand out in every way possible. I’m very much captivated with the level of sexy, daring, and “YAASSSS” these folks bring to the table.

GaptoothDiva reviews Couture Mannequin Site fashion, style, shop local

When describing the type of person who would wear their clothes, Couture Mannequin’s website says it all…

 “She is a mysterious woman who turns heads as she walks into any room. She’s effortless and free…simply flawless. She feels just as hot and confident in bright colors as she does in black. She is a socialite and a party girl. Everyone whispers in awe and wonders who she is and what IT is about her that sets her apart. They all want to know her and BE her.”

GaptoothDiva reviews Couture Mannequin Site fashion, style, shop local

This fierce element to fashion is brought to you by Kiara Randolph, the owner of Couture Mannequin. Apparently, it is her persona and her style that is reflected in the pieces featured on the website, making it available to the general public. It’s a treat to imagine just how much goes into the creation of such uniqueness. Incorporating global influences Kiara has spent her time in Virginia, Hawaii, and New York City.

“Her clothing reflects the courageous side of fashion tapping into one’s inner diva, vixen, and feminine fatale to the confident, original and self-driven woman.”

With the help of her business partner, founder of Natural Beatrix and friend, Ebony McMurray, Couture Mannequin also offers exclusive jewelry aka “Body Candy” for their consumers that holds the same unique qualities as the brand. In other words, you can’t just get this stuff anywhere.

GaptoothDiva reviews Couture Mannequin Site fashion, style, shop localI for one, consider myself a big fan. I love everything about their brand and I especially think that the design and aesthetic is very trendy and stylish, making it a must have shop on anyone’s list of creative places to get your statement pieces. My only obvious downside, would be the availability of larger sizes for those Plus beauties that also want to be bold and awe-inspiring. However, I feel it in my gut (no pun intended) that Couture Mannequin isn’t quite done yet, they have much more in store for us, especially in the upcoming seasons. I’m excited for them, and you should be as well.

Make sure to support them and go ahead and get you a few things…

Couture Mannequin Runway Richmond VA Shoot by @Takem2church



Subscribe to their Youtube Channel –

Follow them on Twitter – @IM_UR_MANNEQUIN


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