GaptoothDiva Music Video Review

GaptoothDiva review Ken The Coolest Nerd Music Video Nerdy Dirty

Ken the Coolest Nerd – Nerdy Dirty

(Director’s Cut)

Exclusive cut by The Coolest Nerd packed with w/ Bonus Content and Behind the Scenes Footage
Directed by: Ken the Coolest Nerd
Shot by Surveillance Productions and Workaholic Films
Edited By: Ken the Coolest Nerd
Beat by: KingPin Beats(@kingpinbeats)
Download Nerdy Dirty here
Visit KENTHECOOLESTNERD.COM for more Content

As a new fan of Ken The Coolest Nerd, I now realize how dope an uninhibited artist can be. By not being stifled by the status quo, I can appreciate when a independent takes the road less traveled. A breath of fresh air,, is the only way I can describe him at this time. However, after much more content that I plan to review from Ken The Coolest Nerd, I’m looking forward to sharing not only his talent but his visual perspective, that just blows my mind.

I'esha GaptoothDiva reviews Ken the Coolest Nerd - Nerdy Dirty Music Video

I love this track, which I have danced to on more than one occasion. Maybe it’s the pretty girls popping it, in a not so overly sexual way that inspired me. Perhaps it’s the lyrics, as Ken asks the question if he can’t get any closer can he at least “download” the girl he is spitting game to. I just know that this gives me Kanye & LL Cool J (Phenomenon) vibes that I really like. It’s dope, colorful, and very entertaining. Ken’s persona pops through the screen during the song, and after which we are treated with an exclusive backstage look at all those involved in putting together such an awesome music video. Great work! I’m all for getting nerdy in the spaceship, so beam me up with this hot track, asap.

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