GaptoothDiva features Ava Bella of Los Angeles Anarchy Movement

When Ava Bella (Ava = Sings like a bird  and Bella = Hebrew: Follower of the Most High), a Kansas City, Missouri native, decided it was time to start recording her second album, she found she had fallen in love again with 80’s and 90’s synthesizer sounds and added producer to her repertoire. Before that, she was a singer songwriter, and author who spent the last two years playing dates around the Midwest alone. She also toured alongside international acts such as Morris Day & The Time, Estelle, and Luke James, Hip Hop artists like icon Masta Ace, DJ Marco Polo, The Knux, and GLC, as well as mentors @KCPL and James Christos (both of The Anarchy Movement). Using only her GarageBand app for production, songs like “Freekazoid”, “O-I”, and “SheNice” have created a diverse collection of Ava’s bourgeois bohemian sound for LadyGun2.0.

When asked why she decided to make the move from Kansas City Missouri to Los Angeles, California, Ava explains, “I needed to spread my wings. I totally and completely credit Anarchy Movement for seeing the vision, and embracing my art. They really helped me move to the next phase of my artistry and the Ava Bella brand as a whole. Quite honestly, everybody who is anybody from here has had to leave, either for a while or permanently. People like Brian Kennedy, across the water in KC, Kansas, aka the “Dotte”, we had Janelle Monae leave to get it, and even Tech N9ne even bounced out for a minute. It’s had to be done. Like I said KC (Kansas City) bred me, but it had to be done…”

GaptoothDiva features Ava Bella of Los Angeles Anarchy Movement 

Ava Bella proudly tributes the Anarchy Movement for opening up and recognizing her talents, but what exactly is the Anarchy Movement? Ava Bella informs me that the Anarchy Movement is a lot of things but the best way to describe this awesome movement is: They we are the primary urban talent buyers for several venues in their city. Ava states that before them, no one was consistently bringing the national talent for the local artists to be on shows as openers and network with the indie artists’ essentially like they do! Rarely, do artists come through Kansas City, in Ava’s opinion. She says they go everywhere around Kansas City, because of the market they are working to change all of that. “As far as my relationship with Anarchy Movement, I was the first official artist to sign a management deal in 2011. Aside from me, we have an entire roster of artists from Hip Hop to Rock, a DJ pool, audio/visual team, graphic designers, booking agents; we literally have achieved being a mirror of the industry! I’m grateful for each and every person that’s a part of our movement! That is actually where my blog name comes from the #AvaTheAnarchist Blogazine!”   Ava Bella describes her musical style as Bourgeois Bohemian. She says that at times her content is lofty because she is a dreamer and a creative thinker. She also says that at the same time it’s down to earth and she can talk about everyday life and what she sees. It’s just good old fashion soul music!    She says her personal style also has the same Bourgeois Bohemian feel.

“I love high fashion and have a background in it and all things colorful, but I will put on some rising boots or flats and get down with the get down!!”   Ava says she always has her MAC select moisture cover & concealer! She says that she can’t use anything else! She says, “I’ve tried… it don’t work! I am a MAC girl so I use a lot of their line including the Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer for contour, my stud brow liner, and I love their lashes too!” Ava Bella also states that her hair is natural, but extremely dry so she uses Leave in Hair Mayonnaise, after she shampoos and conditions with the Moroccan Oil line.

GaptoothDiva features Ava Bella of Los Angeles Anarchy Movement

Ava proclaimed that if she could work with any mainstream artist it would be Miguel.  She explains, “I got to meet him in KC long before he had a deal and he’s humble and has a HUGE gift! On the Hip Hop tip, I’d have to say GLC from the Chi. I first heard him on that verse on Kanye’s “Spaceship”, and I listened to it every day not knowing that one day I’d be on shows with him! We trying to put that together ASAP! Also, Kendrick and Schoolboy Q! TDE is aiding in that shift we’ve been needing in music! I appreciate their gifts so. Last but not least, Erykah Badu! She is the truth! I admire her work and her spirit! I’m giving that to the atmosphere! So it shall be!” She knows who she wants to connect with and that list is certainly not small. Wishing all that into fruition, we love that ambition!   Ava has faced many challenges before she could even get to where she is now. She has been homeless, more than once. She says that she is proud to be a domestic violence survivor, but she never allowed either of those things stop her!

“My steps are ordained and my destiny is set. Once I understood that, I was able to move my feet! Some days I’ve cried, I’ve asked the Most High why, but why not! To whom much is given… you know the rest!”

GaptoothDiva features Ava Bella of Los Angeles Anarchy Movement

“I just want to share my path and let people know it is ALL possible if you have a foundation a faith and do not FAINT!” When asked what advice she would give to up and coming artist, Ava suggest that people…Pray! She says, “You ‘gone need it!” Ava describes life as a dirty game, however, if your feet are firm in faith you will accomplish what you set out to do.  Ava also encourages people to “Be honest!”

She explains that her life did not happen totally in church. She says people should talk about what they know. Ava states that you should tell YOUR story, not what you think folks want to hear. People recognize that fakeness a mile away. When it comes to the music industry, Ava advises, “Understand that it is the music BUSINESS; more business than music all the time! We don’t pop bottles all day like people think. This is hard work. Be prepared to go get it!”   When asked what inspires her to do what she does, Ava says, “Everything inspires me. My family, my friends, our culture, society, the government shut down, gas prices, being broke, wanting to be successful, getting my heart broken, my parents sticking together for 40 years, falling in love, falling out with people, falling back in, the butterflies, the sky. Everything.” Ava states that when she makes her beats, sometimes the words come first. She says she doesn’t fight the way it comes, she tries to just let it flow through like the Most High sends it down.    So what sets her apart from other female artist currently out right now? She explains, “I’m just me. I’m just a girl from the middle of the country that likes cowboy boots & stilettos, a full face of makeup and a dope Kansas City fitted.” Ava is a writer. Writing and producing a lot of her songs frees her to give to the people straight, just like she hears it… with no filter. “It’s all me. But I am open to other writers, but I have to be able to feel it, the words have to speak to my spirit so I know they have some meat and will feed somebody. People ain’t gettin’ fed no more. It’s been real microwave as of lately, but it’s turning around. I hope to be a part of it!” she proclaims humbly.

Listen to “SheNice” Written & Produced by Ava Bella 

(from her sophomore project LadyGun 2.0): 


 I personally love this track. It’s dope and she has an incredible voice.

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