I'esha GaptoothDiva interview Melody Short and Adrienne Cole of Artisan Cafe about being Mothers and Business women


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In My Own Words….

What I don’t see a lot of, and this could have a lot to do with the area that I’m in, but… I don’t see many women empowering one another. It’s that sense of compassion that we are missing, too much competition and not enough camaraderie. When I do see a partnership or dynamic that appears positive, mutually beneficial and supportive, I stare in awe. It’s like looking at a unicorn or a rainbow, you have to let the feeling of what you witnessed settle in and marinate. It’s a wonderful thing. This is what I think about when I see Melody and Adrienne of Artisan Café. Their friendship and partnership, consist of two beautiful women, both of which are mothers, who saw a vision and pressed forward. They have two totally different lifestyles and backgrounds, yet they make it all look effortless in their own way.

For a new segment, that I call Mommy Business, I wanted to tap these two incredible entrepreneurs for advice. I wanted them to share with you how they maintain, how they coexist and make magic together. By creating an artistic and cultural cooperative dedicated to promoting creative people and bringing their talents to retail, these women have managed to motivate and inspire hundreds of other women to also find their purpose. Inspiring isn’t just something they are, it’s like fumes that release from their skin. You can just witness their grind and feel compelled to push harder and more fabulously. They have that energy, which should ignite any young mother looking to start a business, be an artist, or pursue her dreams. Although they admit that it is not always easy, by their graceful demeanor and positive outlook on the challenges of being business women, it’s kind of hard not to want some to rub off on you.

I sat down with them and was instantly fed, by their tips and advice of finding courage, becoming fearless, and loving yourself. “It all starts with loving yourself” they say and I could feel my heart thump in agreement. They seem as if they have it all together, even throughout the occasional storm, these women appear unbreakable. The large amount of support they receive from the community isn’t undeserved. It’s not as if they are selling buckets full of anything worth becoming addicted to, it’s their energy that keeps people coming out time and time again. It’s the ideas and the vibe of two positive women who support the arts and people who enjoy it. It’s these mothers who exude a passion and dedication that no one can deny, that keeps community members coming in droves ready and willing to show their love. They have inhaled new life into RVA events and then created a brick and mortar location to define themselves as a force to be reckoned with. It’s impressive to watch them work, and even more enlightening to hear that they too face struggles and challenges. Nevertheless, their ability to endure shows me and many others that it’s possible. They are a testament that young beautiful and successful black women can and do work together. They are proof that communication is key to a friendship and the success of any project. Most importantly, they are the evidence that although it’s not always easy, you can have your business, your children, friends, and love all at the same time.

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Check out the interview with Melody Short and Adrienne Cole of Artisan Café and tell me what you think.



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