Although people like to say that Richmond is small, it’s very rare that you can attend a large event and know every single person there. Even if you did, many people complain that they are so sick and tired of going out and seeing the same people all the time. Here comes the #divadilemma, as I would like to call it. On one hand you want to go out, support events, and have a great time while meeting new friendly faces. On the other hand, you feel more comfortable when there are a few familiar faces in the room, especially when the room is full of cliques and folks who already know each other. So the question is how do you meet new people, support the event and its planners, and still feel comfortable while having a good time?

It’s like I literally walked right into the answer a few weeks ago, when Richmond salon The Beauty Bar conducted their very chic Mane Event, an opportunity to mix and mingle with their brand and business, while not only learning more about the stylist and staff, but also meet their other clients and family. It was an incredibly cool opportunity to see the culture surrounding the Beauty Bar family, which so happens to be chock full of stylish smiling faces that all love the salon and each of the stylist. As I sat and observed the entire shindig, hosted by the lovely Yoshiko of Yoshiko Ent and Meet Yo Tweet, I wondered… why aren’t more businesses doing this?

I'esha GaptoothDiva Reviews the Beauty Bar Mane Event

I'esha GaptoothDiva Reviews the Beauty Bar Mane Event

The stylists and host put together a game where attendees could answer trivia questions about the salon and their journey in their business. In addition, we even had the pleasure of guessing which stylist worked on which attendee’s hairstyle just based on how it looked. It was fun. These types of activities not only made it necessary to interact, but also kept those people who didn’t know many others from feeling left out and uncomfortable. It was a great strategic move on their part to have their attendees participate in something of that nature, and it showed just how much their brand and business was not only supported but memorable. As guest screamed out various answers to the trivia questions, showing off their love and knowledgeable support, it was apparent that the Beauty Bar is much more than an average salon, but a community of people all looking to be as fabulous as possible under the hands of these skilled professionals.

Since this season will bring in more events, I look forward to seeing how event planners and promoters plan to follow in Yoshiko & the Beauty Bar’s footsteps. Here is what we should start seeing:

No More Cliques: Break up groups of people just holding up the corner by bringing in other new like-minded individuals and introducing them to each other. Nothing says promotion like two people saying they met at your event. Yoshiko is responsible for many of the people I met back in 2011 with her monthly Meet Yo Tweet series, because she made it her business to connect those who came out to support her with the other positive people that came to support her. By not making it all about her, she managed to make her name/brand memorable, as we all reference her name when we discuss how we were connected each and every time.

Activities: My friend Lisa has this habit of never having a function, whether small or big, that doesn’t include activities that everyone can participate in. She has a fear of seeing people just sitting at her party looking bored. As amusing as it is to see her frantically coming up with games and activities that are both creative and fun, she’s right. Nowadays people will pull out that smartphone in a minute if they are bored. Also, when your guest attend your event, knowing they can’t spend every minute with you, they often need something to occupy their attention besides sitting around waiting on something to happen. Games and activities break the ice, and are even better when drinks are being distributed. There is nothing silly, childish, or boring about games. The Mane Event had games centered on learning more about them as a business, but unintentionally I learned more about their supporters as well. It also made it easier to chat with people you didn’t know prior to arriving.

Atmosphere, Great Music & Even Better Food: The layout was appealing, the music was incredible, and had I not been trying to be cute and stick to my review, I would have torn down on a plate and twerked all over the place. I’m totally just kidding. Yet, it was nice. The attention to detail is what gives them pristine points for such an incredible and well thought out function. I believe three people came to me to ensure I ate and was enjoying myself and that kind of stuff matters. Who wants to come out to something and the people you are there to support could care less if you are having a good time or not? Customer Service is an all day, every day skill… you got to have it if you want to be successful. The Beauty Bar has it and I enjoy spending time with them.

I'esha GaptoothDiva Reviews the Beauty Bar Mane Event

I'esha GaptoothDiva Reviews the Beauty Bar Mane Event

Overall, I was impressed and proud of all of the beautiful people involved with the event and I look forward to more. You can learn more about the Beauty Bar at or go check them out in person at 6036 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23227 and call them at (804) 477-6003

Also be sure to support Yoshiko Ent and Meet Yo Tweet at

Yoshiko is gearing up for more events in the next coming months so be sure to follow her and connect with her, as she is the networking vixen. I’m definitely looking forward to her June event with Danielle Emmanuel and also her Meet Yo Tweet Networking event in Miami sounds incredibly appealing.

To see more photos from the event, go to our GaptoothDiva fan page here.


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