If you have been following me for a while, you know that a while back I had “Color ADD”. I was coloring my hair all shades of red, blue, purple, pink, orange, and now I’m a blonde. I love color, especially when someone is bold enough to wear it in their hair. I really love it when they do it right, it looks neat and polished, and it’s so beautiful that they can get away with it with a formal dress.

Well, a little while ago while going through my social media time lines, I saw the most beautiful ombre blue hair style, rocked by an up and coming entrepreneur (full interview coming soon) Joi Taylor. It looks like the pretty Ms. Joi was going to the prom or to a formal dance. The wonderful young lady decided that she wanted to showcase her personality by coloring her hair in the magnetic hue that really set off her dress. I love it. When I was a kid, I used to experiment with my hair color all the time (before it was really cool) and I would have died to have this awesome color, in this ombre style. It’s amazing!

#flawesomestyle featuring Joi HonnieBee Taylor Ombre Blue Natural Hair Curls Prom Color

I love when someone steps out and decided to be this bold and it’s a successful look that you can wear anywhere. I encourage more people to try something outside the box this summer. I mean it’s only hair, and despite your fears… it will grow back or fade out.

Some of my favorite hair colors have been the result of me using Manic Panic which is available at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I always suggest that you lighten your hair first to achieve the brightest and true to tone hair color. However, it’s always good to ensure that your hair is healthy, not damaged, and always moisturized as hair color and bleach can dry some hair textures out without the proper care.

Joi looked so adorable with her awesome hair color and I’m excited to see some more styles in the future. Be sure to tune in for more, because I am doing a review of Joi’s new natural hair care line very soon on this site and my channel on YouTube. It’s incredible to support people who are working towards careers that keep people beautiful both inside and out, and this young lady is definitely on her way.

Follow her on Facebook: Joi HonnieBee Taylor

To be featured on the website for your personal style, send in your pics to TeamGaptoothhdiva@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and hopefully I’ll catch your awesome style to feature you myself.

Note: Although I attended cosmetology school in the past, you should always consult with a hair care / beauty professional for advice specifically for you. I know some people! Let me know if you need to get in contact with a professional and I’ll hook you up with the right Beauty Pro that can help you.


Do You Love Joi’s Blue Ombre Color?


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